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How do you feel about the Olympics?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 14th, 2010

Do you support the Olympics? Does it do more good for the city, for the community? Or does all that money that goes into the Olympics be better off spent helping the problems the people face within their cities?
When Vancouver started off, there were what seemed like thousands of people protesting the Olympics and going around breaking glass in the downtown businesses. Saying (i think) that all that money should be going elsewhere instead of the Olympics. i’ve always seen the Olympics as a very good thing.
what do you think?

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I’m indifferent.

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I like. I like a lot.

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I think there are too many people that enjoy the olympics that it will not disappear in the foreseeable future. There are worse ways we could be spending this money – like on companies like Halliburton.

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I love the Olympics!! A bit disappointed in this years Winter Olympics ceremony, but am sure the Summer 2012 will be much better :)

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if not for the Olympics (or World Cups, or similar world events), these host cities would not be able to stimulate their own local economies the way the events do. Sure it costs a lot of money, but spending is what actually gets the economy going.

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@caly420 the opening ceremonies for this Olympics? Seriously? I thought that they were really, really well done (if not the best).

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The Olympics are an amazing way to celebrate all that is defined by the greatness of achievement and just doing it!! Only a small percentage of people actually get a medal but hundreds of thousands of kids are inspired by these Olympics to dream and just compete. I volunteer for the special Olympics and these special kids are so inspired to be part of their competitions by their heroes they emulate while struggling in their wheel chairs…it does not get any better than that!!

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And for a different perspective

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The argument that money could be better spent on other issues can be extended to other events, like the Superbowl, all sporting events, festivals, movies, etc. And without all of those things, life would be a lot duller.

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I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wish the only event was short-track speed skating. That is art.

But I don’t think any taxpayer dollars should be spent on anything related to the Olympics.

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I hate it. The streets are crowded, there are drunk people in the streets, me and my children are going to be paying for it for years to come and all we get out of it is a nice subway system.

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I like it, I like it alot. XD

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Eh, Olympics.
It’s nice to have (though maybe not host) such a high-level competition, but I really don’t care much about it. I suppose that I like the idea of an Olympics (and I’m a sucker for good ceremony) than the actual event.

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I like the Summer games much more than the Winter games. There are just more appealing events and more serious competition, in my opinion, during the Summer Olympics.

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I’m sorry to say that in my opinion they’re just an interuption to normal viewing.

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I’m pretty emotionless about the whole thing.

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I don’t care about it in the slightest.

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Bored. I haven’t watched the Olympics since 1976. I watched Olga Korbut and that’s about it.

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