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whats better a semi-auto or revolver?

Asked by buster (10239points) March 3rd, 2008

guns, revolvers, semi-auto

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Depends…. Revolvers are nice due to them being straight forward… Load and shoot. Semi-Autos are nice due to the number of rounds they can hold and the speed at which they can be loaded. I guess it depends on what you’re using it for.

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when I usually kill someone I prefer a revolver because it makes me feel like I’m in the wild west

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Revolvers are good for Russian Roulette. So I am gonna go with those. Next question.

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can anyone go into a gunshow and buy guns without a background check?

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Varies state to state and sometimes depends on whether you currently have a license/permit.

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if we were talking more faster firing weapons vs revolvers
revolvers dont jam

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Good question. Why don’t you point one at your face and get back to us on it.

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way to be overly aggresive in a situation that doesn’t call for it poser

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Poser that was a douche bag thing to say.

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if you don’t like guns
stay out of a gun convo
Cuz here
nobody cares what you think when you talk like that

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@all—To quote busterhymen himself—“who cares i dont know them i dont miss them they dont do much for us so there worthless to our governmemt” [sic]

I feel the same about him.


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Very funny kid
come back and argue when your testicles drop

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Ughhhhhh….... This was an intellectually stimulating collective we had here once….

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but that was long ago…

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all depends on how many people you dislike and how much you hate them

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which is better, .40, or .45?

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a gun for home defence: .45, it won’t go through walls and has plenty of stopping power. If you just want a gun for pratice, 9mm would be good because ammo is cheaper. Weather to get a revolver or semi, get what ever your comfortable with. You can go to a gun range and rent both to try them out. I prefer semi auto my self. Good luck

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