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What event gold would you want if you had the chance to be a Winter Olympian?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26837points) February 14th, 2010

With the Winter Olympics under way if you had the chance to be a Winter Olympian what event would you want to medal in if you could? Would you care to medal for personal satisfaction or to bring honor for the nation? They did not have Moguls, snowboarding and such back then. However if I had the chance today it would be curling, not only is it mental like chess it is also physical so it is like the better of both worlds. My reason would be more to prove I could outwit my opponent not so much with muscle but with brains. Giving the recent luge tragedy would your choice have anything to do with the danger of it or lack thereof? What event would you chose and why that one?

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Short track speed skating. It is really amazing.

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It would be snowboarding, bobsleding, and skiing

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Hot tubbing….no not tubing…Tubbing!! I got this one in the bag!!

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I used to ski, so, downhill, moguls, or snowboarding. If I did skating of any kind I would probably end up slicing a limb off.

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@Cruiser As in half pipe? They planning to have Down Hill InnerTubing at the 2014 Games? LOL LOL LOL

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Ditto hockey. Specifically, goalie. There’s a soft spot in my heart for the one in goal.

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Short track, all the way. I can’t get enough of that. Or maybe biathlon. Shooting and skiing…sounds pretty bad ass to me.

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Ladies’ Snowboard Cross

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Curling. No contest.

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Figure skating would be lovely:)

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@Rarebear Wooo hooo I am with you all the way. @Les Though shooting would make skiing not sick as much, it would be slightly more interesting if they had a version where you had to bow shoot on the fly while moving. :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central Full hot tubs are murder on chair lifts!! Hence why most hot tubs are at the bottom of the hill…do you have an opener???

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’m not sure why I like curling so much, but last olympics I remember I was on my knees screaming at the TV hoping the stone would knock the other stone and get into the circle thingy.

I guess I like it so much because it looks like a sport that anybody can have a go at—rather like bocci ball (sp?).

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Probably downhill skiing. Or maybe freestyle. Definitely snowboarding. And certainly not Curling!

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What’s that event called that combines cross country skiing with shooting? That looks fun.

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@Captain_Fantasy. You’re talking about a variation of the Biathlon. I think that would be an entertaining event also but probably difficult.

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Thank you, Bluefreedom.
It wouldn’t be as fun if it was easy.

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@Captain_Fantasy. That’s true. A challenge is always worth the journey through it.

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I would want to do snowboarding. Being able to do all those tricks looks pretty fun.

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I’d like to experience a 100m+ ski jump, winning would only make it cooler.

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I would like to do a downhill and a skijump, fantastic events!
Or a downhill with at the end a skijump!

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@Captain_Fantasy That is very tough. I seen 5–8 favorites go down in flames because they missed shots, sometimes a single missed took them out of the medals. It is not as forgiving as Hockey where depending you can lose a game but still medal. @Cruiser How does Olympic Hot tub events work? And do you do it ancient Greek style; naked? And how do you know when you won? LOL LOL

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Ski jump.Well if Eddie the eagle can do it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central The Hot competition is one of the most ancient and strenuous events of the Winter Olympics. First you are fully submerged in 107 degree water and you breathe through a snorkel and every 5 minutes you exit the hot tub and execute a naked snow angel. Of course the entire competition is graded subjectively and points are awarded for grace style and attention to detail of the snow angel impressions with higher scores awarded for face down angles.

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Bobsled fo sho.

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