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How long would you have to have an STD to start having feritility problems?

Asked by johnw10 (23points) February 14th, 2010

I have just found out my partner had an affair starting February 08 for three months, he told me he did not always use protection, so I need to go for an STD check up. We are trying to concieve and I just wondered if I did have an infection would it had of caused fertility problems already and how long does it usual take to cause any problems? Helpful and facts only please! All answers appreciated!

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I don’t think you should be making babies with this man. Infections usually show up as discharges for women except herpes.

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Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most important preventable causes of infertility. Untreated, up to 40% of women with chlamydia or gonorrhea will develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can lead to infertility and potentially fatal tubal (ectopic) pregnancy.
An estimated 2.8 million cases of chlamydia and 718,000 cases of gonorrhea occur annually in the United States.
Most women infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea have no symptoms. CDC
Other STD’s that can cause fertility problems
HSV1, HSV2, Genital Warts, Syphilis, and HPV

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This would be a much bigger concern in terms of STI transmission, than a chance encounter 4 years ago w/o fluid transfer (referencing your other question) since trying to conceive automatically denotes that there was not protection involved.

The short answer is that yes, an infection from 2 years ago that was left untreated could have developed into PID. However, not all cases of PID cause infertility. Studies estimate that approximately 10% of women with PID have fertility issues and these issues are directly tied to the number of times a woman has had the disease and its severity.

If you are trying to conceive, did you visit an OB/GYN for a check-up ahead of time? Often, STI screenings (in addition to the HPV screening of a Pap Smear) are included in these visits to address these exact concerns.

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I’m assuming your specific concern here is in relation to Chlamydia. As with everything medical there is some variation from person to person but a 2yr exposure would be long enough to cause the scaring that could prevent conception.

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Why are you trying to have a child with this jerk ?

You deserve much better in life.

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The type of infection that causes infertility PID usually is accompanied by discharge and abdominal pain. see your gyn for a check up but if you don’t have signs of infection on exam I wouldn’t worry

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