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How does this memory practice work?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) February 15th, 2010

Before you make any reply, please watch this video.

Go ahead and skip around. What I want to talk about is the memory/learning technique they are using.

I don’t want to discuss if it’s real or not, but I believe there is a little more to it than what they showed on tv. For the most part I believe it’s legitimate. He does mention, that it’s not really useful information unless you review it, but I believe it could be a good additional tool to learning.

So my big question is, aside from what they showed in that episode. Besides, just relaxing, allowing yourself to absorb the material, and kind of how to skim the pages. What else do you believe Derren told that man to get him to absorb the material?

I noticed he might have used some mnemonic devices. Also, by using some tests to help build his confidence, opened the man up more to believing in the system.

So what do you think, I missed from the episode? What do you think happened behind the scenes?

Again, this is based off the assumption this works, so no talk about set-ups or scripted events.

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hmm.. what would the world be like if all the literate people of the world knew how to read like this?

sigh… would it be too much to make it a human rights issue for derren brown to share this method freely to the public?

a few more details on the method here.

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by the way, speed reading is pretty normal. :) it’s an ability most anyone has but you have to learn it. there are courses you can take. derren brown claims to have his own teaching method.

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The key to this technique is to “see” the page contents without verbalizing or vocalizing. This allows you to make visual associations with the content on the page. He was taught to use imagery to retrieve other information as part of the lead-up to the learning phase.

He applied this technique during the quiz.

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These are memory techniques I’ve seen demonstrated over the past 40 years. In 1966 I took a speed reading course which used a technique that looks very similar to the one used in these videos.

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