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Do you tumbarumba?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) February 15th, 2010

Tumbarumba is another name for tmesis, one form of which is that curious trick of stuffing one word into the middle of another.
“Abso-bloody-lutely”, “a whole nother”, “fan-bloody-tastic” and “any-blooming-where” are classic cases, though many of the most powerful examples include the F-word.

For a reason buried in local linguistic history it’s a verbal tic Australians are fond of, who insert their favourite adjective, “bloody”, to great effect.

(From – lots of fun!)

So do you do this? Examples, please.

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No, I don’t do it. The ones I hear most are guaran-damn-tee, global-xxxx-warming, and recently heard a song called Ala-freakin-bama.

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Abso-fuckin-lutly Cap-a-tan.

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I do a lot. Un-f’n-believable and Fan-f’n-tastic are my favorites.

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I love to quote John Wayne: “That is re-god-damn-diculous.”

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Yes I do, a-whole-nother, I use that one a lot.

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I thought ‘tumbarumba’ was a word in Lady Gaga’s song ‘Bad Romance’..

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I ab-so-lu-te-ly ne-ver do it.

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Nyeso!did I do alright?

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I’ve been known to do it at one time or another. This time not being one of those occasions.

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I tumbarumba and I rumbatumba too

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Un-fucking-likely! Is one that I tend to use when I find myself in dire straights.

I’m more of a spoonerisms fan

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I do, and thank you for inadvertently teaching me what the definition of such a thing is!

And yes, as with most others who responded, I usually insert expletives when I use them. In fact, I can’t think of a time I haven’t used expletives, even in positive words (such as fantastic). Food for thought!

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No, I tumbabossanova.

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I did this just the other day on my blog (it was “all a-bloody-long!”) and wondered whether anyone else did it…and also where I’d got it from… interesting thanks xx

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No, I don’t. It can be very effective when done once in a while, but it becomes annoying, cheesy, and boring if it occurs with any frequency. Not to mention losing the power of emphasis that it was designed to have.

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I’m off to bed.
Good – *#¬(/^ – night!

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@Jeruba * ab – sigh – lutely * agree.

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Not exactly the same, but I had a teacher once who said ‘What the ding-dong day are you doing?!’ and he was FURIOUS. But it was very hard not to laugh. I’ll always remember that.

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