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Are the census questions too personal?

Asked by UScitizen (4283points) February 15th, 2010

By answering, will we be disclosing personal information that might be used to the advantage of others?

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If you are a patriot, you would be a fool not to answer. If you don’t care for your country, perhaps you will not want to assist it. The census determines the size of Congressional Districts, provides demographers with invaluable data, and makes sure that all local residents get their fair share of Federally distributed funds.

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Well, if you don’t care about your school district, how much federal money you’re area and certain social groups get, or anything like that, then go ahead and don’t answer.

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Yeah, that too.

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Do they ask for personal information on the census? Since the last one, I’ve forgotten what kinds of questions they ask. I don’t think they gather information that would put you at risk for being taken advantage of. I am planning to fill out the census.

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I was a Crew Leader Assistant, during the last Census – if you don’t answer the questions, someone will be knocking at your door to try and get you to answer the questions.

It is illegal for the answers to be used for anything but finding out how many people live in a certain area, their ages, income and their race (if you choose to disclose that information) You don’t have to answer every question, the form will tell you which are mandatory and which are optional.

The information gathered helps determine how many seats your state will have in the House of Representatives and how much money will go to you local school districts, senior services, emergency services, etc…

If helping your local community is not a good enough reason, you should also know it’s required by law to answer the census.

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@LunaChick Nice answer. TY for your informative approach. I’m somewhat surprised that the first two answers above were so condescending. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Truth is neutral. Carry the torch.

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@MissAusten Here are the questions. I find them to be somewhat personal, and can easily imagine the information being misused, should it fall into the wrong hands.
•Date of birth
•Hispanic origin
•Household relationship
•If you own or rent

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Maybe I’m not suspicious enough by nature to see how that information could be misused. If you have a driver’s license, car insurance, a mortgage, a student loan, a credit card, etc., most of that information is already out there.

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Didn’t you ask a similar question several weeks ago?

I remember commenting then on the irony of an objection to the census coming from someone with your screen name.

Did you think that my answer would be different this time around?

Obviously you have some kind of a bee in your bonnet about the census. If you don’t want to participate, then don’t.

By continuing to post about it, are you under the impression that you can dissuade others as well this time around ?

Frankly I don’t care what you do or don’t choose to do. Just go and live your life already.

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No wonder the answers sounded condescending. You’re a troll.

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@dpworkin Name calling says more about you than it does about me. Thank you for the input.

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There is a difference between name calling and taxonomy. You got busted being a troll, and outed right here in this thread.

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People share more personal details about themselves online than the gov’t asks about in the census.

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The only reason for the census is for the purpose of drawing up congressional districts so the only information you have to give is the number of people that live a your residence.

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@beancrisp This is true, but the more information you provide, the more you assist demographers, who are ultimately interested in ameliorative solutions.

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