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Should you tip at a curbside restuarant pickup?

Asked by ts9645 (8points) February 15th, 2010 from iPhone

On the way home i ordered dinner for $25, should you tip the guy who brings out food to your car?

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If you want to yes, if you don’t, no. It’s your life so up to you what you do.

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I do….sometimes I’ll even sing him a little song :)

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I would. I would tip him 10 %.

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Marinelife has the right answer. 10%, especially if its raining or snowing.

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I would compare this food delivery as they same as a food delivery at Sonic. same difference.

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I agree with @marinelife, as well. I have spent a fair amount of time putting together to-go orders for people in my food & beverage career. You may not being served in the traditional sense, but it does take some time and effort to assemble your order, to gather all the sides, sauces, etc. and to make sure the final thing is exactly what the person ordered. It’s not terribly difficult, but can be a bit challenging when you have a load of other orders going at the same time.

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I also agree- you should at least give them something because like @MissAnthrope says it is an order that you have to put together and spend time on regardless of other orders you have and what the weather is like. I have stood in the pouring rain while customers have given me nothing, but for a while the place I was working at added the 10% automatically (with customer’s permission of course) because the person doesn’t even have to leave their car so make sure there the tip isn’t already included.

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What reason would there be to NOT tip someone? unless they did a significantly bad job?
We all know servers don’t get paid enough to live on.

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