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Why is it so hard to believe that a person non-celebrity can be stalked?

Asked by CharlieGirl (438points) February 15th, 2010

I sincerely was stalked for almost 4 years and no one believed me.Why?

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It’s not hard to believe – this is common and I would have believed you.

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I feel like people who claim to have been stalked are as likely to just be paranoid types as they are to have actually been stalked. Like, stalking just seems so foreign to everyday experience that such a claim really requires like, extensive documentation.

Then again, I think everyone is paranoid and delusional most of the time, so my sense of normal might be, uh, off.

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I would have believed you, as well.

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Did you go to the police?
I would have probably believed you. Not everyone who says they’re stalked is, of course, but it happens.

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Yes,I went to the police and when I told them,they just laughed at me.

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@CharlieGirl That’s crazy. Did you have any evidence?

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Thank you to those who believe me and for all your answers.Likeradar,ever since then,my reputation has been extinguished and I have no proof.He wasn’t my boyfriend,he was an old man,and would go by my window and look inside my apartment at the time.I didn’t realize all that he was doing was stalking until after it all blew up in my face.also he would ring my doorbell and try to come into my apartment,get me to ride around with him in his car,tried to kiss me repeadedly when I said no.

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Why is that hard to believe?

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I don’t know,but no one believed me until now.

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@CharlieGirl you should have taped him

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You haven’t said if you went to the police. They are trained to understand that this is a common, and possibly dangerous, occurrence. If you went to the police and they refused to help you you may have grounds for an official complaint.

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I did go to the police.They just laughed at me.

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@dpworkin The OP said she went to the cops and they laughed at her.

@CharlieGirl What country do you live in?

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@dpworkin the OP said she did in the 5th response.

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Here’s the National Center for Victims of Crime Stalking Victim Resource Site.

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You should go to the local State AG and file a complaint.

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It’s been over with for about 3 years.Can I still complain? I had to move and he finially left me alone,but took a chunk out of my life.I’m going to look into it if it’s still possible.

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That’s quite a while. I doubt if they will still hear a complaint. But now you know what to do immediately next time.

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Stalking is no joke, so I’m sorry the police laughed at you.

A friend of mine was being stalked, because the stalker was an ex-boyfriend of his wife.

One day last year, while his wife was out of town, he came home and got clubbed by the stalker. He was dragged to the basement and chained to an I-beam. He was held hostage for two days without food or water and forced to piss and shat all over himself.

The stalker tortured and pistol whipped him while telling him all the stories of how he sat next to him at his wifes concert. The husband had a new Porsche and the engine went bad. He claimed someone must have poured draino in the gas tank, but the insurance company had him arrested for fraud. The stalker later joked that it wasn’t draino, but it was kitty litter that ruined the engine. My friend was arrested for what the Stalker admitted to, and now the Stalker was torturing him and threatening to kill him.

In the days he was held hostage, he slowly weakened the hand cuffs against the I-beam. He was able to escape while the Stalker slept. My friend ran down the street naked, frantic and ravaged with cuffs on his wrists. He flagged down a lady and jumped in her car begging to be taken to the police station. THE POLICE ARRESTED HIM and still didn’t believe his story.

He took them back to his home and the Stalker was long gone. My friend was immediately taken to jail where he spent another three days locked up. Luckily, the Stalker was pulled over for a traffic violation. He was found to have three guns in his car that matched the description my friend provided. Only then was my friend released and the Stalker was sent to jail for a year. The Stalker is to be released in the next month.

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Normal every day people are stalked. It is not hard to believe.
I had some nut job hassling me for months after I graduated from college.
This jerk kept calling me. The phone company never traced the call. The Police never found him. This was before cell phones.
I am not easily intimated and I simply changed my number.
I think it was some loser from college who I new briefly.
The lesson is give people you don’t know your email or one of those Internet numbers.
In college we all exchanged numbers; with the students we shared our notes with. We helped each other when one of us was sick. We all did well. I thought these people were normal.

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Wow,RealEyesRealizeRealLies and philosopher.Those stories are real intense! I’m sorry that anyone has to go through something so horrible!

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Sadly we live in a world filled with sick people.
The Detective who interviewed me insisted my number be changed immediately; but the phone company never helped them track down the nut.

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