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Does anyone here live in a group situation on purpose?

Asked by tentaclepuppy (409points) February 15th, 2010

A multi-family house, a collective, a house full of unrelated roommates, etc? Who here lives with friendly strangers?
Who here lives with a deliberate community?

Note: A lot of people live like this in college, but not by choice- rent is just way cheap split three or five ways. I’m wondering about the post-college experience.

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I tend to get kicked out of group environments.

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I am related to all the people I live with either by blood or marriage but I don’t think it’s an ordinary situation – my mom, aunt and grandma live with us…before my grandpa, brother, father passed away they lived with us too…we have always been a multi-generational household..sometimes there is tension because I have such different beliefs from the rest of my family but they’re good when we need someone to watch the kids and we don’t trust baby-sitters.

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Sure. Kids aren’t graduating high school stupid enough

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I do but not necessarily on purpose. The big guys in the white coats came and took me away…he he ha ha

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I’m a graduate student, so maybe I count as part of the in-college crowd, but I do it because I hate to live alone and am single. :) I live with three other women, and next year plan to move in with a different friend who wants to move from where he’s living now. I think I will prefer living with him – four young adults in one house is a little bit much. Three will probably be my limit from now on. I will hopefully never have to live alone, though, I’m not particularly interested in that.

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I live with four other roommates, all guys, all in my program. It’s very much a “never a dull moment” situation.

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I live with 2 friends. We are not related in any way. We are all female. I am 37 divorced, One is 30 never married, and the other is 26 never married.

It works very well for us.

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I lived with a family of four who rented to me and another guy and who believed in living in community (they live in a cohousing unit now). They were nice people, and it was a great experience for me. The worst that came of it was me slacking on chores (I was 26 at the time).

I would do it again. I kind of miss it.

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I’ve lived in community where there was shared space, quiet space, and private space. When the people are good at communication and honoring boundaries it works really well. When the community consists of those not willing to carry their own weight it can be painful.

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There is not enough money or liquor ion the world to make me do that ;))

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I share a house with four other adults (one of them is my husband, two others are friends). We are around 40 years old, and all well off enough that we could easily have our own places all. Works for us.

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My mum and dad went into a situation like this when I was in my pre-teens and teens…it was awful…for everyone in the end… but then it was a religious group so… <shrugs shoulders>

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Over the years I have lived in a commune, in a shared home, and in a boarding home. I have shared my house with my sons, their girlfriends, wives and children, and my grandsons have lived with me from time to time.

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For the past 20 years or so, it’s been me and my wife and kids. Before the kids came along, we shared a house in Kissimmee FL with a single mom and her little daughter, but by the end of the lease, she and we were amicably ready to part ways.

In the late seventies, I shared a house with some friends. We had all known each other for several years prior, and only split up the arrangement because two of us were separately leaving town, and the couple were ready to get their own place together.

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