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what should a be watchful for when I am inspecting a place to buy and move into?

Asked by LuckVIII (367points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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They are lots and lots of things. Go to and type the same question and then print.. Good luck on ur new home.

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Only thing you need to worry about is hiring a reputable professional home inspector to do a thorough job.

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Yes, its true what PupnTaco. But I don’t think your going to be hiring an inspector for every house that you submitted an offer on. Hire an inspector after the offer has been escrow. For the mean time look up what I said earlier in So when looking for a house u yourself can be looking out for those things…

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BEDBUGS! my last apartment was infested, and i was eaten alive for 3 months before we really knew what was going on. the landlord was a jerk about it and wouldnt treat it properly, so we had to move out. seriously, very traumatizing, and next to impossible to get rid of. i dont know where you live, but they are multiplying and moving. good luck.

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I was told that you should always drive by or look onto buying a house when its pouring out this way you could see if the place floods and how bad it gets ,,,, this outta save you thousands…

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