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I don't know how to ask a question in Ubuntu Geek?

Asked by tokijitza (56points) February 15th, 2010
Because I installed Ubuntu on my computer & I know nothing about it, I register into this forum. However I have no idea how to ask a question. All they have is Forum Help & Forum Council & Search & Log Out & Contact Friends & View Profile. How can I ask a question or start a discussion. Thank you.

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Oh, you said Geek. Σορρυ.

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Where it says Forum Tools there is a little arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow. Here is a pic.

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maybe you aren’t cut out for ubuntu

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to johnpowel THANK YOU :)

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@johnpowell You use Ubuntu! Huzzah!

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@gailcalled That’s what I thought when I first saw it! ΛΩΛ!

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@Yetanotheruser: ςε αρε ψλεωερ.

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C’mon, @gailcalled It’s been like 40 years.

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“We are (alpha rho epsilon) clever.” It’s not really Greek. I can easily get the Greek keyboard on my μακ.

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