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Where can I buy Drain Gel?

Asked by grrgold (88points) February 15th, 2010

I have drain flies coming out of my drain. I read online that these are caused by organic matter stuck to the sides of the drains and the only way to get rid of them is using a gel compound that will eat away the organic material. I also read that Drano or bleach won’t work.
The local hardware store or Home Depot don’t carry the gel. I have found some sites that sell it online but I can’t wait for them to ship it. Any other suggestions?

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I’ve heard that exterminators carry this product. Try calling a local exterminator and see if you can purchase some directly from them.

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Any hardware store or chain like Home Depot should carry it. If you have an Ace Hardware of True Value nearby, they have it. If you aren’t finding it there, you may be looking for the wrong thing. It’s basically a product that contains lye as an emulsifier and sopanifier. It converts fatty organic materials which clog pipes and retain other debris into soap which then washes out of the pipe with the folw of water through it. It should work whether it is a solid powder, a liquid or a gel.

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@ETpro in the details, the OP stated that the local hardware store and Home Depot didn’t carry it.

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Have you tried vinegar and baking soda yet? I would give it a go first before shelling out for an exterminator. (though I do agree it’s a good idea) Run water for a moment, then shut it off. Dump in equal parts baking soda then vinegar. If it’s for a disposal then turn on the water and disposal for a moment, then dump in the baking soda and vinegar.

Another option is to pour liquid dish soap down the drain. Do it slowly and vary the entry point to coat the drain. When the flies eat the food the soap gives them the runs and they die.

This all depends on how far down the drain your problem is and what kind of drain we’re talking about (disposal vs regular).

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Actually, most supermarkets carry the stuff. Drano is largely lye. Try their Max Gel. I suspect whoever is giving out the advice you are seeing is trying to sell some agenda of their own. Don’t be hoodwinked into parting with cash you don’t need to spend.

<edit> PS: If it’s a kitchen drain and metal pipes, try the Kitchen Crystals. They include lye and small metal chips that react with it, generating heat to melt grease and also setting up a churning action inside the pipes to scrub the gunk away.

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Did you actually try the Drano or Liquid Plumber? I can’t imagine a fly could live through a lye attack or a bleach attack for that matter. But of course the bleach won’t clear the drain.

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What you are looking for is a drain enzyme, possibly like this. I sell commercial grade drain enzymes and they work very well over time. We sell them to restaurants and other food service facilities. Time is the secret. You need to put small amount in your drain frequently to allow the bacteria to multiple and thrive on the gunk in your drains and turn it into carbon dioxide and water.

Here is another link with a better look at what enzymes do.

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Careful with those bacteria eating enzymes though. They have their own risks

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@SeventhSense Enzymes are the bacteria and they are eating fats, oil and greases. the goal is to grow colonies of bacteria to continue to do the work. I dig the picture tho

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You can make you own drain cleaner if you haven’t tried a commercial drain cleaner yet, try this: pour a full box of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Cover for 5 minutes, then pour a quart or more of boiling water to flush out the drain. You can follow that with a cup of OxyClean, and flush with boiling water again.

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