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Is it OK to post a question here and on other Social Q&A sites simultaneously?

Asked by ETpro (34505points) February 15th, 2010

Some questions, perhaps this one, are easy to answer with a simple Yes or No. Others profit from discussion. The answer may not be clear till lots of issues are explored and varying viewpoints are gathered for consideration.

For nuanced questions where there are numerous possible approaches, do you think it is a breach of etiquette to post them on more than one social Q&A site in order to get the most diverse possible sampling of opinions?

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It doesn’t seem like a breach of etiquette to me, but I wouldn’t announce that you are asking a question on multiple sites, just ask it as you normally would. It might turn some people off to the question if they know you are asking it on more than one site.

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I don’t think it matters.Sometimes it helps to get many different viewpoints so one can carelessly toss them all aside,do what one wants,then paying the price for making one’s own decision!!!...or maybe not…what do you think??;))

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My god you don’t know the consequences of this do you? :P

The CIA will come after you! :o

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It’s your question.

Nothing much is original in the world anyway.

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This is a capital offense, punishable by hanging. the Question Police will surely find you.

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Just like no one here would EVER re-post a question they asked at another site or “borrow” one they saw elsewhere or google questions…how gauche!

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Excellent points all. Great Answer to all the above.

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Unless you have an application that enables you to write in the box on Fluther and have the same text appear on the other sites (or something on their sites that allows you to post that exact text at that exact time to fluther), then it’s a serial operation, anyway, and not parallel.

The question is moot. (But I understand the intent of the Q, of course: to post similar Qs in multiple places.) Who’s going to police that, even if someone (other than the CIA—granted) thinks it’s “not okay”?

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Sicne you are able on Fluther to ask your Facebook friends the same question, I see no conflict at all. It depends on how much crap material you want to wade through.

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You must’ve missed the “no-compete” clause in the Terms of Use…

Seriously though, I don’t see what the big deal is. Odds are that any question you post in multiple places is the type of thing where you want diverse answers on anyways, and that is best done by asking multiple different demographics.

Personally, I would probably never do it though since most of the Q&A sites out there are populated by people I really would rather not deal with.

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Well, it would be hard to do it simultaneously! But to ask one here, and then on another site too? Of course there’s nothing wrong with it! You just get more results.

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I do it. I don’t know why it would be a problem.

Posting answers from another site without proper attribution is bad.

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Thanks to all.for the insights on this.

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@ETpro post this question on another site and tell us the answers

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@talljasperman I will go you one better. I will post it and link to it so you can read the answers. :-)

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@ETpro I will be sure to read it

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@talljasperman I just posted it on Sodahead. I probably won’t get an answer till tomorrow, if then.

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Presumably if the question passes the other rules (not a rant, vulgarity, spam), I don’t see a reason why not.

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