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All gals, how much of a turn-off is it for a guy-friend to suffer from Norm Crosby Syndrome?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) February 15th, 2010

I guess I can’t embed videos on the details yet, so watch the video about Norm Crosby Syndrome here.

Or you may read about this turn-offish syndrome here on MSNBC.

Do you tolerate that from guys? For how long? Does it depend on each guy?

Also, do you gently correct them? Overall, how do you deal with guys suffering from NCS?

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um…actually… I would have said that it really depends on how they ‘play’ with words… there can be really clever playing around with words and that I would find very attractive… but I wouldn’t know how to quantify this or draw the line in any sense….

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Eye wood knot heave eh fiend in the whirled hoo reported two spic English.

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In case anyone didn’t decipher @CyanoticWasp, he said: ”I would not have a friend in the world who purported to speak English.” If anyone has a more accurate deciphering, please let us know. Thanks.

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this is very odd. I don’t get it

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When I was a teenager I dated a guy named Bruce. I was a romantic sort and often wrote poetry for my boyfriends.
One day Bruce decided to write a poem for me. It started something like;
“This is the story of Judi and Bruce,” and proceeded to mirror the Steve Miller Band song, “Take the Money and Run.”
It was so horribly bad and I was so embarrassed I just couldn’t look at him the same way. He never knew why I broke up with him.

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@Judi I would suggest coming clean with him and telling him why face-to-face if he’s around, or on Facebook if he isn’t.

By the way, if you still have his note, would you like to kindly copy it to us here?

If he was under 13, you could’ve forgiven him for being too young to know how to write it properly.

But if he was older, well I’m curious – did he go to college? What does he do now?

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@EgaoNoGenki: the author does not seriously intend us to think that such a “condition” really exists.

the article has to do with human relationships and the choices that women, older single women in particular, make. how women potential partners, why they do them and the mental weighing that women between the guy in front of them and their ideal and how small things (or “small” things which sometimes clue you into something more significant, though not always) can affect those choices.

so in conclusion, you have to really look into the larger context and read the subtext.

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I beat the carafe out of them.

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@EgaoNoGenki ; it was 35 years ago. I have even blocked out his name. I recently reconnected with an old friend from that time and she said he had married a friend of hers and turned into quite the jerk. There is no way I want to tell him now why I broke up with him.
I have no idea what he does now. I was about 15 and I think he was 18 at the time.

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Along the same lines, I had a woman who worked for me as an apartment manager. She submited a work order to the maintenance man that said, “cock around the tub.”

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@Judi Wow, to put him on a block list for something that’s 35 years old – that sounds like a record-holder for holding grudges! (On a related side-note, I’m Facebook friends to this day with at least three women I used to date, even though we broke up for various reasons.)

Well, if I couldn’t work up the nerve to tell someone something myself, I would get a friend to forward it to them for me. Wouldn’t you?

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@Judi “cock” around the tub – well, what did she really mean? I can’t decipher that one.

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@EgaoNoGenki ; No, it’s not holding a grudge. It is embarrassment for my shallow behavior. I just don’t think it matters anymore. I can’t even remember his last name. (That’s what I meant about blocking out his name.)
She meaant caulk

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@lucillelucillelucille “I beat the carafe out of them”.

I can’t stop laughing

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@EgaoNoGenki I think “cock” meant “caulk” :)
I hope so anyway

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Now I’m really, really afraid. I sure hope my girlfriend doesn’t suddenly stop liking me because of a small slip up.

Tbh I think its more mean that crazy

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sounds like the girl is the one who suffers from this syndrome rather than the guy. They get all pissed off and leave because of a stupid word the guy used. Like in that first link you posted where the woman’s bf used the word “invertebrate” and all she could think of were jellyfish haha. Perhaps she was an animal who feared jellyfish in her past life and it triggered something in her so she had to get away from her bf. This is so weird

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I’ve known many women who apparently suffer from ‘Norma’ Crosby Syndrome. The condition appears to affect women as well as men and is most likely caused by a long history of report cards full of D’s, F’s and assorted Incompletes before the victim quits high school. When it comes to acquiring intelligence most people are satisfied to stop at nothing.

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I once wouldn’t date a perfectly great guy b/c his last name was Tinkler.

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Men have no problem with that. We just call it blond.

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I’m impressed, @EgaoNoGenki. You screwed bolted nailed got it.

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