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What sub woofer(s) should I buy to have the hardest hitting bass for outdoor parties?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) February 15th, 2010

I am on a budget of $200 for the subs, enclosures, and shipping. (suggestions up to $400 are welcome)

I already have everything else and I just need the sub woofers. My amp is only 3000 Watts and 2200 is already used. The purpose of the system is to throw outdoor dance parties and I really want to FEEL the music.

Thank you!

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@grumpyfish “Grumpyfish says that holy crap that is an expensive subwoofer!” (hehehe)

Thank you for the suggestion. If I ever run into money, I’m on it!

Would you vouch for this sub?

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200 wont get you far. Polk is a good name for value.

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@pikipupiba We normally spec the QSC subs (these things: ). I’ve not used the JBL sub, but we’ve had good luck with their speakers in general.

It may be overkill for a DJ system—my experience is in theatrical applications where super-clean is more important than body thumping =)

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@grumpyfish How much does that one cost?

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@pikipupiba Er, lists for $3,200 =)

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Try Craigs list or Amazon for cheap used gear in your area.

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@Cruiser Yes, that is where I will find deals, but I am wondering what KIND of subwoofers to get.

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@pikipupiba what kind of mains (size and speaker config) are you running and are you bi-amp’d? How much power do you think your amp can spare/handle going full throttle?

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Here is what I have so far. I have the 1500 Watt amp and I will have the 3000 watt amp.

Speakers 1

Speakers 2

I have this amp

I am getting this amp

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