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Telerik ASP.NET RadControls, anyone have experience styling these things?

Asked by wenn (2673points) February 15th, 2010

I have been tasked with styling one of these controls at work, I have no experience, training or knowledge of MS Visual Studio or ASP.NET or these Telerik RadControls, since I am a designer. and have no interest or desire to work with MS technologies….

So, anyone know how edit themes for these things? The Telerik support area is of no use because I have no idea how to use MS Visual Studio in the first place.

Any tips would be helpful. thanks

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Telerik has a tool, called Visual Style Builder, which will help you style their ASP.NET controls:

The tool can be run from within the browser, so no installation is necessary:

To style the controls, check the documentation for instructions:

Good luck!

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@Vassil_Petev yeah i came across that. but the issue is, at least the current one, is that the tabs in the RadTabStrip are being given a fixed width even though in the corresponding stylesheet there is no width declared for the ‘li’

With firebug i can remove the inline fixed width and it then looks how it should. but that width is no where to be found in the RadTabStrip stylesheet. so i dont know where its being generated.

Any thoughts?


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