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How are road conditions in las Vegas for bikers?

Asked by brianlong88 (84points) February 15th, 2010 from iPhone

Hey I moving to Vegas and was wondering if just getting a bike instead of a car was a good idea, I’m more curious about the road conditions and safety I know it’s going to be hot. Thanks for the answers!

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i was in vegas last year, i am also an avid biker. driving around with some friends i remember the roads to be pretty maintained. the strip is always packed though. the roads there though, seem to be pretty busy in general and it would probably be a little sketchy biking.

but i bike downtown Minneapolis just about every day and traffic gets really crazy sometimes(rush hour/sporting events), but if you are comfortable on your bike and know where you’re going you’d probably be fine.

and sweaty.

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It’s always a gamble.

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Do you know yet what part of the city you are moving to? I grew up in Vegas but it’s been 20 years since I’ve been there. My best friend still lives there though and she tells me all the time how bad the traffic is. I know that it is very congested. Las Vegas is pretty large, so I think it really depends on what part of the city you are moving to and where you plan on traveling. If you do know what part of the city you are moving to I can ask my friend if you would like.

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Im going to be moving to Henderson and be commuting to UNLV every day, so southern las Vegas area I guess, I’m not quite familiar with the area since I haven’t been there since I was 12. Thanks for the help jonsblond!!

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That is a bit of a commute. I’ll email my friend and see what she thinks. She’s very familiar with the Henderson area.

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Wow! That’s really great! Thanks a lot!

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Here is the message she sent me:

It depends on what part of Henderson he is moving to. If it is the Green Valley area – it isn’t too bad – that is where my dad lives and I used to ride my bike over there all the time from moms house. If he is out in Seven Hills or any other part of Henderson really – it might be a bit of a chore – very busy streets and not many bike lanes.

My friend and I grew up about a mile or two from UNLV (near the airport), so this is the area that she mentioned concerning her mom. I hope this helps. Good luck with your move. I hope you enjoy it there!

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thanks a bunch! this was all really helpful! i really appreciate you going out of your way to find all this out!

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