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How should I display the "Deck Crystal" I purchased so that it reflects light in my studio the same way they did in old ships?

Asked by Dog (24827points) February 15th, 2010

I purchased a clear deck crystal- like this one and want to see how it worked in the old ships by putting it in my studio.

Just placing it on the windowsill did not seem to do anything even when the light hit it.

Any suggestions for how to reproduce the effect that it would have on the old ships of the 1800’s?

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ummm… what was it supposed to do?

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wikipedia and google flood me with Yu Gi Oh results when i search, so please en light en the class (ah HA HA)

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They are also called a Deck prism.
They need to have light from above to work. Does your studio have a room above it, or a roof?

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It needs to be facing downwards through a hole… in the ceiling.

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So, I used to work for a company that made these. I never once saw one work, unless you put a light up to it. That said, if you put one (or several) along a windowsill, you’ll get some cool reflections when the light is just right.

That way is also easier than cutting up your ceiling.

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Get a light source to shine into it directly from above.

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Perhaps build a box frame it to be mounted to the ceiling,lighted from within,to mimic onboard a ship….or just display in on a shelf.I have seen them on the tall ships and they are cool:)

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@Mamradpivo Funny! Thanks for the insight from your experience. Yeah- cutting a hole in the roof may be frowned upon just so I can experiment.

@The_Idler Yes- I think it may be the only way to get it really working right- thanks.

So now I am thinking of building a tree fort for the kids…..

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@Dog I have one, but I just keep it on my coffee table as a conversation piece. I would like to put in in the floor/ceiling, but I don’t think it will work too well.

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@buckyboy28 Is yours mottled a bit on the surface? Mine is and I wonder if that is to diffuse the light or just the use of an old pitted mold.

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@Dog Mine is all one color. Very light green.

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@wilma- I think I will rig a holder for it as you mentioned- lurve!

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