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Why do you think our current president won the election over Mcain?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) February 15th, 2010

Do you think it was the way Mr. Barrak speaks? Acts? Is?
Why do you think that?

I personally think a primary factor would be his speaking ability.

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It’s because McCain and Palin were an unprecedented trainwreck and they completely lost the confidence of the majority of American voters.

Also McCain wasn’t offering anything of value aside from telling voters how much they should hate Obama, which unfortunately is a trend that continues.


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The pro-science voting citizens outnumbered the anti-science voting citizens.

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He ran a much stronger campaign that spoke to those livid over the Bush administration.

Also, McCain decided to turn his bid into a damn circus by choosing Palin as a running mate.

Why, what do you think?

EDIT: I meant elaborate.

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It’s because he is a liar. Everything he says is a lie. He lies very good though and about everything the people want to change.

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Also, it’s spelled “Barack”

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@Oxymoron Please, do go on.

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I think people were tired of old white guys, to be honest.

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I like Obama. I actually volunteered for his campaign. I spent about 80 hours helping the month before the election.

McCain made two huge mistakes. The first being Palin. I know why he did it. Obama had just won the primary and he wanted to get some of the female voters that were pissed Hillary didn’t get the nomination. That is why Palin wasn’t vetted. They had to hurry.

The second being clueless on the economy. This line sunk him:
“there’s been tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall Street and it is—people are frightened by these events. Our economy, I think, still the fundamentals of our economy are strong. But these are very, very difficult time. And I promise you, we will never put America in this position again. We will clean up Wall Street. We will reform government.”

That was days before he suspended his campaign to deal with the banking crisis. Also a huge mistake.

And I will once again add that TARP (bank bailout) was done before the election. That was all Bush.

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Obama was a charismatic candidate.

He had a well oiled campaign machine and was a media darling.

The left was so sick of and disgusted by Bush that they turned out on election day.

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Also, I forgot that he was black. Everyone probably voted him in because they wanted to be open to a colored president.

@Grisaille – Look at what he’s doing in Afghanistan, not what he said he was going to do. He said he was going to take troops out but managed to stick more there. So stupid. Typical politician.

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“It’s the economy, stupid.”

Once the economy went south, McCain had no chance. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Democrats had actually been running a Donkey.

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Oxymoron, Bush dug the US a hole so deep, that it was impossible to get out of it in 1 year.
Adding troops to Afghanistan isn’t popular but it’s better than letting a fanatical tyrant take control of the region. The Russians abandoned Afghanistan in the 80’s after a major conflict and the region fell to the Taliban. It would be colossally irresponsible to allow that to happen again.

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Two words: Sarah Palin.

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@Captain_Fantasy – All I’m saying is that he lied when he told the public that he was going to get them out of there. He never said anything about putting more troops into it.

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He played the race card and won.

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He was talking about Iraq.

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@davidbetterman – True that. Lol.

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@Oxymoron Didn’t he? He committed to expanding occupation of Afghanistan pre-election, I’m pretty sure…

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I am liking your answers @Captain_Fantasy

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@Oxymoron :: You are so god damn wrong it would be funny if it wasn’t sad. He said he wanted to move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

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@Oxymoron Really? I could have sworn that he has always supported action and expanded forces in Afghanistan, even during the election and never promised to “take troops out” of the country

Oh, that’s right. He has.

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McCain was a feeb. The pick of Palin sealed the deal.
I like Obama, and think he has been treated unfairly for problems left by the former pres.

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Sad about McCain. He used to be one of the good guys. Funny how time slips away.

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@susanc I know, I used to really like him. Then he sold out and changed his stance on everything.

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“a colored president”

@Oxymoron: Really?! Do you suppose he should be made to sit at the back of air force one?

Sometimes I read your answers and think there are three letters too many in your screen name.

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echo substr(‘Oxymoron’, 3); // outputs moron

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With 800 million to spend you can buy just about anything including the Presidency.

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@Oxymoron I like the cut of your jib! Keep on truckin’!

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@Oxymoron “Everyone” did not vote for him to be PC. People voted for him because they believe/d in him. The fact that you think that says more about you than the people who voted for him.

But to answer the question- Palin. once he made that asinine choice for his VP, I stopped even paying attention to him. He proved to me that he has terrible decision making skills.

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I say that McCain lost because of Palin. Before he announced her as his running mate, he had part of the GOP base and many of the “undecided”, moderate, and other votes, lacking only the hardcore voters on either side; those who would never vote for a Republican, and those who felt McCain wasn’t Conservative enough to be part of the GOP.

By naming Palin, he gained the votes of the Far Right, but lost the middle, the moderate Right, and and Republican with more than three active brain cells.

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Let’s see…forget Palin was involved for the moment. We have an old man practically on death’s door…who was a prisoner of war in the Nam and most probably compromised and made into a sleeper agent ala The Manchurian Candidate.

Then we have a young, smart, progressive, extremely light-skinned black man who follows orders and has survived Chicago politics.

Oh sure, like it was ever even close…

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Obama is a fine public speaker & appears to be a considered & intelligent politician. I also suspect people were put off by the fact that McCain looked as if he was about to pop-his-cloggs towards the end of the election, also the fact that Palin is basically retarded.

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@TheJoker Palin gets upset when non-republicans use that word, so ease off.

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@filmfann Hahaha, I’d best back down then, wouldn’t want to upset the Pitbull :)

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As I mentioned in another thread, you should never tea-bag someone whose nickname in high school was Baracuda.

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@filmfann Hehe, is there ever a right circumstance in which to tea-bag someone?!

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