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What blogs do you follow?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) February 15th, 2010 from IM

Are there some blogs that you follow religiously? If so, what keeps you coming back? How did you find it?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks! I just surprised myself by reading the whole v-day date article on #1. Hilarious!

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I have several blogs that I participate in, and I often read all the entries from both my primary contacts, and their contacts as well. I am on Blogmein, Newsvine blog, Multiply, and a private family blog.

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“Follow” is too strong a word, but I like to read Less Wrong. I find it has many valuable lessons to teach about how to be a more reasonable person.

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Rottin’ in Denmark has some very well-written blogs. I stumbled across it coincidentally, viewing a post that has nothing to do with the reason I like the blog.

phoebusg's avatar – it’s blog-like. Often useful tips. But also some noise.

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@phoebusg Yeah, I’ve found some good stuff on lifehacker, usually searching through Google for something specific…

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I follow Ananka’s Diary. It’s by the author of Kiki Strike. She uncovers random oddities. I found out through the book’s website.

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I like – has a lot of useful stuff, practical tips and whatnot
I also frequently visit great illustration and photos, fashion related

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Now I also follow this.

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