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Who won the 2006 Superbowl?

Asked by Dan_DeColumna (2425points) February 15th, 2010

Any help would be appreciated.

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The Indianapolis Colts.

Edit: The Colts won the super bowl associated with the 2006 season, but the game actually took place in 2007. The Steelers won the game that was actually played in 2006.

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Pittsburg Steelers, and it took all of 20 seconds on Google to find that.

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^ My point exactly.

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Guys how am I supposed to get GA’s if a newbie doesn’t throw me a bone every once in a while

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The team that got the most points, of course.

And that happened to be the Steelers, although Janet Jackson was the real winner with the amount of media (and other) exposure she got.

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BTW soap was something i had tucked away from organic chem for just such a day, so when i saw it on fluther it was like an angelic chorus was singing to me, showing me the way to go.

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The power of Google

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@drhat77: Why are you talking about a completely unrelated question in here? Add that information to that thread. It has nothing to do with football.

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@asmonet you’re right this thread stems from soap@Dan_DeColumna was trying to point out that google-able questions do not belong on fluther (which soap was)

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Get over yourselves, guys. Really.

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(I’m laughing.)

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@Dan_DeColumna – perhaps the better approach would be to start a discussion: Should google-able questions be modded out?

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Eh… You can’t fight city hall, so the next best thing is satire.

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@Dan_DeColumna: Thank you for not calling your answer “sarcasm.”

To be fair, Fluther new guidelines (which I cannot find now) have loosened up about the Google issues.

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I think it’s important to foster a community where new users aren’t flamed the moment the get out of the gate.

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Come on.

Please remember that we have users as young as 13 here. Not everyone is a college graduate and not everyone has even completed high school.

Andrew and Ben determined that we allow questions that are easy to Google.

Please do not ridicule people whose knowledge level is less than your own.
If you do not like a question because it does not challenge your intellect then please move on to the next question.

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This thread is going nowhere fast. I think that this should be edited into a less sarcastic thread and put in meta. Or just dumped. (preferably dumped)

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@buckyboy28 only if i get to keep my lurve. i’ve even GA’d you so you’d have a stake

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Fine. I’ll avoid those questions in the future.

Consider this line of inquiry terminated by the OP.

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Here, let me Google that for you.

Edit: I’m not trying to be a bitch. I just think the “let me Google that for you” link is too funny not to share :)

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@essieness That was beautiful.

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@essieness What you can do that? that is too cool lol

I got a long list of things I have been meaning to Google…think you could help me out with that :D haha

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@essieness Seeing how this thread is done anyways…where did you get that?

oh wait second should I Google , Google it for me? lol

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[mod says] This question has been moved to meta, since it’s really about Fluther policy.

For the record, any answer (on a regular question) that says “google it” or uses the LMGTFY link that @essieness pointed out, above, will be removed.

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Oh never mind I went there I see. Thats the first time I had ever known of that website/function.

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@essieness It’s ok, ess. Most people don’t know that, until their answer gets removed!

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the LMGTFY link :D

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Also, keep in mind… Fluther is frequently an early hit on a google search. In fact, we are the 9th link on a search for this very question. That alone is reason enough to allow ‘googleable’ questions here.

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Fluther is the first hit on what might be a common search. Keep in mind that a lot of traffic comes from Google.

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Not only that, did you know that you can simply type a search query in quotes and then a colon and then the word google, and do a google search like fluther guidelines. Then you’re actually contributing something, you know, helpful.

Maybe I should make a “let me show you that in the fluther guidelines” site.

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@Andrew I double-dog dare ya!

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@Dog Well, he did it for lol4rl!

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Why is this question in “meta”?

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@breedmitch Because it’s a comment on googleable questions.

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Got it. Any idea why I didn’t get the wine question in my in box?

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@breedmitch “Questions for you” gets cleaned out these days. After a Q has a certain amount of answers or has been hanging around long enough, it might disappear from your inbox.

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