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Parent I'm babysitting for wants a copy of my ID?

Asked by stemnyjones (3974points) February 15th, 2010

I’m going to be babysitting for a guy, and he requested a copy of my ID to keep. Is this normal practice? Should I oblidge?

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Ask for a copy of his ID.

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The request is unusual…I assume the parent is obsessed with protection (who wouldn’t be..with all the kid-victims in the news these days).

It probably wouldn’t hurt to give a copy…after you’ve “sharpied” out the crucial parts. Be sure to ask “why” before surrendering a copy, if you decide to do so.

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No that doesn’t strike me as normal at all. That’s asking for a bit too much and could put you in jeopardy. How do you know he won’t sell your info or use it? Or he might leave it around the house and someone he knows would steal it?

Perhaps find a compromise- give him three references, with numbers he can call, from parents/guardians you have worked for in the past.

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To keep thats a little, really weird, did you ask him why hes needs to keep it?

I mean once he has verified that it is you, its not his to keep at all, if anything show him other proof.

The way I see it that is your ID, I have never had anyone or places for work/medical keep my ID if anything they would print a copy but that was for official use.

This is not.

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I would not comply personally.
And I would walk away from the job.

References are normal and for everyone else, they’re enough. He sounds like a creeper.

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That is a bit peculiar, I would be very cautious if I were to accept the job…

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Oh hell no. I would tell him no and move on.

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I would not. I would allow him a copy of your CPR card and that is all…... And maybe a good amount of references as well, but do not relinquish your ID.

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Why not get a criminal check, and then show him/her that? I assume that’s what the worry is about.

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No that is not normal. I’m not sure I would accept the job. Ask why he wants it.

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Don’t you give more personal information and two forms of ID to start any job?

Not so much arguing for giving up the ID as just wondering what’s different here.

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@funkdaddy My understanding he wants to keep a copy of the ID.

If anything he could take some basic information from her or other forms of proof.

Also when you go to a job and fill out an application assuming it’s a real legit place, I am sure your protected with some legal/law levels for privacy.

In this case there is nothing like that to me, its just an agreement between people for a “under the table” or whatever you might call it job. So basically what I am getting at theres nothing official here for her protection as to what he might do with it.

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I have a friend who actually took fingerprints from the first boy who dated her daughter. A little different, but people can get crazy when it comes to their kids safety.

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I contacted the guy and told him I’m not comfortable giving him a copy of my ID, and he apologized and said he’s never hired a babysitter before so he wasn’t sure what was appropriate.

Go figure.

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@stemnyjones He should come to fluther than huh? haha :)

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@Steve_A LOL, yes, it is a nice way to get a general opinion on something ;D

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I would see nothing wrong with providing him a copy of your driver’s license and two personal references. Heck, when you have a car accident, you exchange driver’s license information with the other party. If he is going to be paying social security on what he pays you (and he will need to in order to claim it as a tax deduction) he will need to have your social security number. Be aware that if you don’t pay taxes on your income and are audited, you are responsible for all of your own withholding taxes.

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I can understand wanting to SEE it, but wanting to keep it sounds very dodgy to me.

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Show your ID; he doesn’t need a copy.

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