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Why do people throw a fit if you don't like what's popular?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) February 15th, 2010

Today Oops, “today” should have been Friday. a few of the girls in class “obsess chatted” on Twilight and its sequel, New Moon. It was the typical hype of “Edward is so handsome!” “The story is out of this world!” and “Bella is sooo lucky!”

I maybe foolishly offered my own opinions. E.g. Edward’s paleness looks like a symptom of some extinct disease from the 19th century. Bella must have pretty sad luck with boys in general if all she can get for a boyfriend is a vampire. Her common sense needs reprogramming since she wants to be stuck on a diet of blood for all eternity. Finally, I said Twilight is not really for me. I find it boring, laughable and at times outright ridiculous. If there’s any Twilight fans out there, sorry, but these are my true opinions. I don’t see the attraction of it.

My classmates lost it. I thought my life was over then and there, from the strength of their glares. My “crime” was not being a fan of Twilight. Is it so wrong to not go with the flow? To not be crazy about the popular? Why do people hate it so much when you’re not on the bandwagon for [insert name here] fad?

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The Twilight fans are a fanatical bunch.
They are fiercely defensive of their fantasies as these photos would suggest

You can’t diss something people feel strongly enough to tattoo on themselves without a backlash.

On a more general level, it’s a bit rude to take something someone really likes and proceed to stomp all over it. That’s what they’re reacting to most likely.

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So you knew they liked it and you went in to tell them how much something they like sucks. And you are surprised that they hated you?

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Hell, I get shit for liking things that are popular. That happens too, ya know. “You like Lady Gaga? Eww! Go listen to some underground band that no one’s heard of but don’t tell anyone about it otherwise it won’t be good anymore!”

People are just defensive of things they like, popular or not.

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Tell ‘em to go suck somebody’s neck. When it comes to Twilight, I’m in your camp. I am curious to hear other’s opinions about why lockstep agreement on pop culture is so improtant to some. To me, it’s about the least important thing on earth.

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They are shallow twits who cannot think for themselves.

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@johnpowell It’s just a movie, for crying out loud! I didn’t expect such deep rooted loyalty for a piece of film. I didn’t know 1st Amendment rights become void on Twilight discussions.

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You have a right to your own opinion of what you like and dislike. its called freedom of speech. this may not make you the most popular person in your crowd and thats okay. i was an outspoken person in my school. if i liked something, i voiced my opinion. if i dislike something, i voiced my opinion. you have the same choices. i never did “go with the flow” in school. i blazed my own trail and if others did not like it i did not care. i was and am a leader and this is the time for you to show your ability to lead and not follow.

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Because different is scary, if you don’t like twilight like everyone else what does that mean about you they might wonder.

Probably they are insecure maybe….

Some people might not be and just take offense to it, as its something they like and if they feel you insulted it well they may not react so kindly ya know.

I suppose you would have to look at the majority and the individual in some cases.

Kudos to you for having the balls to say what you think. :)

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What do you mean they became void? You still voiced your opinion freely, didn’t you? The First Amendment doesn’t say your opinions will always be well-received…

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@ArtiqueFox Seen Star Wars lately ;)?

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@DominicX Pardon me. Let me correct that: “anti-Twilights” have the right to remain silent. Is that more accurate? ;)

I’m not calling it shallow and wrong to like something that’s popular. But I do consider it shallow to hate people and to break up friendships because they don’t like the band, or the movie you like.

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You should expect to get flack for speaking out that vehemently about something so well liked. The thing is not only did you say that you disliked it, you, in their eyes, attacked their idols. Now, if I was in school, I just might have done the same, like I did with Disco when it was the big thing when I was growing up. Oh boy did I have cracks about Saturday Night Fever and more. In the 70s I called John Travolta “John Ravolta” because of that movie (ok, ok, I was a kid). However, I expected the flack I got (as I was listening to psychedelic rock, metal, and punk).

That being said, I am bloody tired of this whole “Twilight” thing and I have not even seen it. If this ruckus and fanaticism ever settles down, I might see the movies.

I have always liked things that go against the norm and expect to take flack if I speak out against the norm. I also expect to take flack for liking odd things. Regardless, I like what I like and I speak out when I feel like it… always have and shall until I die.

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One of the guys from Twilight looks like he’s on heroin, and the other’s neck is way too long. Youare sane for not liking these boys

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If you find this out now and be true to yourself you’ll be ahead of the pack. Just remember that the first part is accepting that you like what you like and the second part is that they like what they like. There’s nothing wrong with either.
In the final estimation 99% of life don’t mean shite.

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I think it is what I call the “rice” theory. How could 3 billion people be wrong?

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You’re not alone… I saw the first one on a date, having no idea what it was, and I was absolutely bored out of my skull (and I typically like vampire fiction. huh).

People get very defensive about the things they like, and unfortunately, if it’s something that’s popular, then they’ll outnumber you. It can be very overwhelming. Not to mention that when you don’t go along with the crowd, the crowd is more likely to start screaming “Witch! Burn her!” Because the prospect of becoming a social outcast isn’t very appealing to most, they’re much more likely to go along with the crowd, even if they don’t like what everyone else likes… so feel good knowing that you were brave enough to have your own opinions, regardless of the consequences :)

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@judochop Interesting…but rice grains don’t generally have brains. ;)

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It’s totally fine not to go with the flow.

Especially Twilight, it’s retarded.

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I really should watch the thing to decide just how bad it is for myself but the Twilight groupies have me so annoyed by the whole thing that I just do not bother.

@Symbeline It is always fine to not go with the flow, especially if you are not doing it to shock, rather because it is “you.”

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You are definitely not alone. I HATE Twilight for many reasons that I will not get into because I will rant for days.

As a side note, Harvard Lampoon published a parody of Twilight called Nightlight.

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@Arisztid Well yeah. I mean if you go against the flow just to be different, you’re really no different than all the other people who go against the flow just to be different.

I mean like, Hot Topic wouldn’t be so popular if everyone didn’t shop there haha.

Point in case, Twilight sucks lol. XD

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Twilight = meh.

There are many people who like to be validated by as many other people as they possibly can, and when they aren’t, their fragile sense of security is threatened.

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Im with JP on this one….

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In general, people will most likely throw a fit if the discussion is focused on what they like and why it sucks.

People who seem to live for nothing but the fictional characters of twilight, are even more likely to throw a fit.

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@DominicX Hit the nail on the head for me. and by the way, I don’t care what anyone says, Lady Gaga is the definition of FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

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If you’re trying to market widgets I’d have to agree but in something as subjective as taste why ask the crowd? Just be yourself. Variety is the spice of life. Rice needs spice.

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