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what is your most racial encounter!?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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How do you mean? I’ve dated a black man and I think that’s about as racial as it gets…but do you mean something negative?

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being in boston. walking for hours and getting lost. ending up in the “black” section of town which is actually a very large area. its a very segregated city (being from canada we dont have that). that was surreal. i was the ONLY white person anywhere. i got on a bus and left asap. even the guy in the gas station was afraid for me. and when i got back to the YWCA this crazy girl tells me you know they burn people up and murder them where you were. i was like, huh… but i know they knew i was a tourist. hopefully they leave them alone. i think i was more in danger that trip from the old white dudes who wanted me to go back to their hotel room he he.

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wow that must have been intense

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I went to the Mexico vs Venezuela’s soccer match in San Diego.
I went to the bathroom and a couple guys were doing their drugs at the sink. They looked at me kind of funny, at that moment I felt very aware, feeling out of place. Went on my way and enjoyed the game. My girlfriend could pretty much point out the Venezuela fans. Though it became more obvious to me when Mexico won.

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