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How can I prevent acne?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 15th, 2010

I don’t have acne and I do not want it. AT ALL! In fact, I’m terrified of getting it! So I want to know some things that will help me prevent acne on my face. I don’t want to go out and buy anything because if it’s like a cream or something my mom won’t approve. So please help me. And I’m not allowed to buy the netrogeno(or however you spell it) wave either. Just please stay the heck away from buying something. Just make it some things I can do at home. And nothing that will break my face out because obviously that isn’t what I want.

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Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty foods and keep it clean with a light SPF moisturizer.
sometimes you do everything right and the hormones make the acne rage anyway. That’s when you start begging mom for proactive.

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Avoid drinking pop, and wash your face often.

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No matter what you do, acne is always a possibility. Fearing it doesn’t lessen or increase chances of occurrence.

It is a shame you can’t get some special lotion. The stuff is formulated for this purpose and is an incredible preventive. I ended up having to use it because standard daily washing failed…but it worked like a charm. Are you 100% sure mom is unmovable on this one? What if you purchased it with your own money?

If so, then what @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities suggests and the tips on this teens’ health page will be a huge help in your quest for an acne free face. :)

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Fill your sink with hot water and add 1 tbsp vinegar to it. Rinse your face with several splashes and don’t dry it, just pat off excess. The acid in the vinegar will kill bacteria on your skin and the pickle smell goes away quickly. If you’re worried just do it at bedtime.

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Honestly, I just use the Cetaphil gentle cleanser every night on my face. It’s extremely gentle, not expensive, and you can tell your mother that you just need it as part of your regular nightly cleaning routine (like brushing your teeth). Faces get oily and are more sensitive than other parts of your body, so they sometimes need some extra help.

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You really don’t need any special products if you already don’t have acne.
Just eat well, drink water, and NEVER touch your face.
Greasy palms+face=bad news bears.

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The water thing is a myth.
Washing your face often will male things worse. Acne is not cause by dirt it is a disease. Washing the oil off your face encourages the skin to make more.
Don’t use a face scrub as it tends to exacerbate the problem.
If you do get acne seek medical help sooner rather than later.

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Here are some tips that you keep away form acne:

1) Wash your face daily minimum twice. Make sure you wash your face in the morning.

2) After washing make sure you are using a clean cloth to dry face.

3) Avoid touching your face as much as you can. You may have oil on your fingers.

4) Make sure your pillow is laundered frequently using hot water.

5) Some people prefer to try prescription medicines.

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