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Do you have a tattoo, and do you or do you not regret it now?

Asked by Oxymoron (1239points) February 15th, 2010

Also, what is the tattoo of and where is it located? I’m just curious because I’m going to get a very small one one either my foot or somewhere on my back. Thanks!

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I don’t have one. Wanted one forever but I don’t know what I want one of.

I’ll probably like, get a chainsaw or something.

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I have 4. Don’t regret them.

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I have a small one on the inside of my right ankle. It’s the symbol for my astrological sign, Leo. It took me a few years to really figure out what I wanted. I got it about 14 years ago and I still like it. No regrets.

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I have three. Two were pretty impulse (Friday the 13th, $13 tattoo special), though part of me doesn’t really regret them. They’re kinda lame, but if I wanted them covered I could pretty easily. The one behind my ear will always be my favorite since 1. it was my first and 2. it’s the Wu-Tang W.

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I have 2. I regret 1, and I plan on getting it removed.

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Two, one on each hip. I put off getting them for 6 years in case I would ever regret having them, and then realised if I had wanted them for 6 years I probably wasn’t going to change my mind any time soon.

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Hell no I don’t regret mine. It’s fucking awesome. Like others have said, I thought about this for a real long time before getting it. Now having it, I know its absolutely perfect for me and its something I will be happy with for the rest of my life.

oh and OP if you get a tattoo…BE ORIGINAL make it mean something to you . No one likes a cliched tattoo :P

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Yeah, I recently got a butterfly on my lower back. It’s agg, yo.

Just kidding. Tattoos…eh…not my thing. :)

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I’ve got many, many, many. No real regrets. Here is the top part of my right arm.

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@judochop Holy shit. Dude. That’s awesome.

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I have five tattoos currently. I want to get another, but just haven’t gotten around to it. All of my tattoos are meaningful to me, not just something I picked in a tattoo shop. I don’t regret any of mine at all.

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I have one on my left wrist , didn’t regret getting it , still don’t regret getting it and never will regret getting it .

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I’ve got 2, not regretting any of them yet. Still got plenty of time to do that though.

One thing i don’t understand, is the “get a tattoo that means something to you”-attitude. Because in my opinion No matter what you tattoo on your body, eventually it will mean something to you!
So go for it, the feeling you get from getting a tattoo is awesome, pure adrenalin!

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No, I was going to get one about 8 month ago but my boyfriend said they are tacky, so I didn’t.

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I’ve got one. It’s on my right arm nr the shoulder. It’s a copy (in black) of the red rocket ship logo at the top of this link

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@TheJoker My boyfriend has one there.

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@Dibley Haha, see, it’s the classiest place to have one…. Whats his of?

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I don’t know, some Chinese squiggle thing, I don’t think he knows exactly what it means, I think it is something to do with brothers. His brother did the tattoo! The nice one!

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@Dibley Hehe, yeh, oriental symbols are quite popular. My middle brother has quite a few Celtic style tattoos, both arms & shoulders. Personally I think they’re abit much but so long as he’s happy…. I was slightly disturbed when he got the names of his kids tattooed on his arm, rather to Bekham if you ask me.

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I have two, one on each arm. The later one (a phoenix) was my own artwork. And no, even a decade and a half later, I still don’t regret it. (They do both need touching up a bit now though)

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@TheJoker having the name of your kids tattooed on you is far, far better than having the name of your spouse. Kids are forever, a spouse isn’t, necessarily.

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@downtide Thats a very good point I hadn’t considered!!

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@downtide Unless you plan on only dating people with that name.

I don’t have one and I don’t regret it.

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I hear Edinburgh in Scotland has a military one.

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I don’t. I’d kinda like to have one on the inside of my wrist, but my husband would disown me, ha. That plus the fact that needles all but make me pass out. I don’t see the point in tramp stamps & having things put on your shoulders. If I went through the time, pain & expense of a tattoo, I’d sure’s hell have it somewhere that I could enjoy it.

Our granddaughter has a yellow rose on her lower leg in honor of her boyfriend who was killed. It’s beautiful. :-/

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@jbfletcherfan I have a Claddagh on my inner wrist. My husband wasn’t a big fan of it at first, but it grew on him. He has tattoos on his arms, so I said, why should I be any different! :)

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No,but I would give someone a tattoo,no problem ;)

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@knitfroggy See, that’s the problem here. Even through the military, he never got one. So that’s another barrier here.

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I do not have a tattoo but I regret not having gotten one when I was in Bora Bora and saw the most beautifully designed polynesian sea turtle…

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No tattoos for me.

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i have 3 tatts and i love them all. i have two small ones on my wrists: one’s a shamrock & the other is a fleur de lys. i have a big one on my right ribs that goes down all the way to my hip.. it’s of raspberry flowers and raspberries it’s my favorite, but ssssshhhh….don’t tell the others, they’ll be jealous

here’s a link to the rib one,35374,0,662,4.htm

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@mclaugh Beautiful tattoo!

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@mclaugh Quality penmanship & a lovely design!

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thanks guys! it was all done by free-hand.. my artist does amazing work!

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