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How do you get a work/life balance?

Asked by marple123 (53points) February 16th, 2010

i’m working all of the time and feel exasperated. i desperate to leave but it’s a new job and i know it will settle down. i just don’t want to be worrying about the office all of the time. please help?

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You must learn to leave your work exactly there… at work.

Once you leave the office start to think about your journey home. Then when you arrive home, focus on making a meal and what you are going to do that evening.

I understand this is a new job and you must be focused, but only when you are actually at work.

I wish you well.

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Do stuff after work….go to a gym and get a good workout or some other form of daily rigorous exercise will help blow off that work work work pressure. Meditation is a sure fire way to calm the mind and rid your body of stress. Good luck!

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For me, it helps that I can’t bring work home with me since I’m a sub. I won’t be going to see that class again so there’s no point in worrying about it once I leave.

Just find a way to flip the switch from work mode to non-work mode when you get home. Do you wear the same clothes after you get home? If so, try changing.

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You have to remember to leave work once you leave the office. I remember the hardest thing for me was to not talk about work when I got home. It still remains challenging for me to leave work when im not at work but I am getting better. What you don’t want is the office to consume all of your time physically and emotionally. Make sure you leave amble free time for you to enjoy yourself and the enjoy your life without worrying about what needs to be done at work. Trust me if you can master this, your overall happiness and performance at work will improve.

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I am working on that myself.I do find that a daily walk,weight lifting and meditation help me very much.Give it a whirl :)

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My union organizer father used to tell me; “When you work for someone you sell your time. For those 8 hours, it belongs to them, so don’t ever let anyone accuse you of stealing. Work hard and give them their 8 hours worth. ”
He then said, “When your 8 hours are up, that time is YOUR time. You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on at work on YOUR time”

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Personally, I balance it by working for the NHS & having no children…

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Make sure you are leaving on time each night and not working on the weekends. When you are away from work, erect a wall where you do not think about work.

Make sure you are getting plenty of exercise.

Spend time outside.

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@Judi Your father was a very smart man! I like his thought process! Thanks for sharing it!

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@Judi Priceless advice!

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not really; life gets in the way of everything

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I don’t, so to speak. But that’s life isn’t it?

Not the best advice ever, but I bite the bullet and wash it down with some JD.

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You could try having some sort of ‘decompression’ time.

My husband comes home and gets right on the treadmill most nights.

I used to read the newspaper from front to back and the rest of the family was wise not to interrupt me.

My sister goes in her room and puts on her favorite exercise tape for an hour.

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It’s an equation (clue in question ; )

Take stock of what is causing the imbalance, accept that overwork is not the answer and go get some “life” back.

When you return the problem is somewhat eased, at least in your mind.

Then keep working towards that goal, feeling a little more refreshed and more in balance really.

(Now get away from this computer and go enjoy yourself, unless of course this is your fun in which case…. ah??? Enjoy ; )

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