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Are individuals able to use their cellphones during cruises ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) February 16th, 2010

When at sea on a cruise are cellphone signals able to reach the passengers so they can use their cellphones or does the ship do a relay service ?

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Yes, you can use your cell phone if you are in range of a tower. But you should be aware that many people get hit with large roaming charges and international charges. You might call your carrier before you leave to get the breakdown for minute and roaming charges. Even if you get an international plan for the area you are going to, it could be quite costly per minute ($1—$3 per minute). (just think of how many minutes you talk per week). Still, these are usually cheaper than using the ship’s satellite phone, which could run you $6—$7 per minute.

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Yup, you can, but it’s going to cost you a boatload of money.

pun not intended, but still made me giggle

Note also that even if you don’t make calls, if someone sends you a text message or calls you while you’re on the cruise, you’re likely to get charged. I recommend either turning your phone off or putting it in Airplane mode as soon as you leave the port.

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Save yourself some serious money. leave your cellphone at home. after all, you are going on a cruise for fun and relaxation. you can talk on a cellphone, anytime. this is a special time. leave the phone at home.

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