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Where can I get a typewriter repaired in San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4051points) January 20th, 2007
I need to find someplace that can fix my old broken typewriter and also show me how to put the ribbon in, etc. I googled typewriter repair and only found one place in SF, called E&M; Office Supplies, but they never pick up their phone. Does anyone out there know a store or a person who specializes in fixing old typewriters?
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there's a place out in the sunset - it's a day's commitment. but i say tinker with the thing until you get it to work. also, i buy ribbons for newwer models and wrap them by hand around the existing spools.
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what is the name of the repair place? I can't find any name/address/listing or anything...
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Here's one: Willi Kitz, E&M; Office Machine, 670 Commercial Street, San Francisco, CA. (415) 392-8500. A customer writes: "This guy is the best around. He has worked at E & M since 1956 and is still doing it. He has a great collection of typewriters and ribbon tins. He still chemically washes typewriters and restores them to 'mint' condition. I waited 6 months (he's busy and a perfectionist) for him to do my Olympia to perfection."
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Oh, right, you called them already!
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I have used this place in Oakland, and they are wonderful (see my review on Yelp).
California Typewriter Co.
2362 San Pablo Ave
(between Channing Way & Chaucer St)
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 845-3780

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there is a place in san mateo called priceofficesystems.
u can get their info online at:

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