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IPhone Question: Will syncing my iphone apps to my computer for the first time actually erase them and the information that they contain?

Asked by rovdog (842points) February 16th, 2010

I’m looking through the apple boards right now but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. I have never sunk my applications before on my iphone (for various reasons, first because I didn’t have a computer that I could sync the iphone to). When I go to sync my apps in itunes it warns me that the apps on my iphone will be erased. Is that really true? How do I get around this- as I’ve paid for a lot of apps on the phone itself and in a few apps, like my 4 track recorder, I have important info that I can’t lose. Any help appreciated.

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Try reading this link and see if it helps.

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Doesn’t seem to… no. there was a yahoo answer
(Warning- don’t recommend using this site… this site is a bizillions times better as you already know!!!)

that seemed to suggest that my apps that i purchased would appear once I hit transfer purchases. I’ve bought some expensive apps I would love it if anyone know if Apple confirms that anywhere.

Anyway- the other issue is the data contained within the apps- I don’t want that erased either. Anyone know anything about this?

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nope. Well if you have an apple computer than no but other computers may.. And it may erase your pictures but not the apps, your contacts, etc.

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The iTunes Store keeps a record of the apps you’ve purchased. If you need to download them again, you won’t be charged.

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