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What is the name of the episode on ''Little Couple'' where they try for surrogation?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 16th, 2010

’‘The Little Couple’’ is a show on TLC about a couple that is well little.. And anyway I love it soo much! And when they planned to have a baby I just had to watch that episode. But I missed it! I was at piano lessons! So if you watch ’‘The Little Couple’’ on TLC can you tell me what is the name of the episode where they get the surrogate. It’s not ’‘Baby Steps’’ because that one was where they explore the surrogate mother option. I want to know the name of the episode where they see if Jen has any eggs to harvest! So please!! I beg of you no sarcasm! Please! I just want to know the name of that episode!

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Look up the show on Wikipedia, then go to the episode guide. All the eps should be listed, in chronological order, with the name of the ep and a short description. You should be able to track down the one you want in a jiff.

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Three Shops and a Baby Doc?

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