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Has anyone done the P90x program?

Asked by Dr_C (14132points) February 16th, 2010

I want to start working out again and saw the infomercial. Does anyone have any experience with the program? does it really work? what kind of results have you obtained? Would you recommend the system or is there something else you believe to be better?

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I know a guy who uses it and he loves it. He says that it really motivates him. So far, he’s lost 45 pounds since late Nov 09.

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@DrC thank you for your answer. Although I must say for a second there you had me thinking i had a dissociative condition or had gone full schizo. Great name btw.

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Thanks….someone actually asked me if I chose it on purpose! Of course, when I signed up, I had no idea that there was a Dr_C! It’s weird when I see you asking a question, but makes me smile.

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I still think you’re both the same person just playing tricks on the rest of us.

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@Sarcasm….must be why you have that pensive look.

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@Sarcasm I can see why you would think that. There is an obvious attractiveness and smoldering sexuality that comes through in both our writing styles. It’s common among the awesome.

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You saw it on an informercial? That should be a clue. Anything offered on an informercial, by definition, sucks. I’ve bought more things than I wish to remember from infomercials and they were all sent back, assuming of course, i could even make a contact with the purveyor of the crap. In addition, I have acted on an infomercial for Time Life Music and, trust me, the actors don’t believe one word of it, nor do they wish to own it. But for $265 one will say anything.

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@plethora…that’s why @Dr_C is asking about personal experience….and that’s what we are responding to – actual personal experience. I have no monetary interest in P90X, and it will only work if you do the workouts. Sorry that you have bought lots of crap.

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I think maybe you could just start off with doing push-ups,sit-ups, and some running a little bit everyday once you feel you’ve gotten back into the swing of things get into a more advanced or rigid routine(not sure if thats how I want to say it)

Proper form and not over doing it are very important, but I guess you know that.

It seems to be the real deal, this is the one you are talking about? Also has reviews on it.

PS to the Drs, what is the C for?

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In my case the “C” stands for the first letter of a common nickname given in mexico to people with my first name. The Dr. as you can imagine refers to my being an MD.

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My daughter who is very analytical (drives me crazy) did all the research, read all the reviews and bought the program. I don’t think she has started it yet. She is 2 months post partum though with 2 other toddlers. Hard to find the time.

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@Judi let me know when she does? I’d like to add to my cycling routine.

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p90x will kick your ass! I am in good shape and at first i could not keep up with the dvds pace. You will love it though once you get the hang of it and get into the routine. I couldn’t get the ab ripper the first two times i did it, but the next attempts i was successful. I did not keep up with the whole routine once i was able to do all of the exercises at their pace. It is basically a system a guy created that anyone else really could if you understand exercise/muscle confusion/resting periods, etc. I stopped because I did not want to pay for something I already have a lot of knowledge about. I ordered it and sent it back just to see what the big deal was. Do not get me wrong, it is a great system and there is no doubt in my mind you’ll feel great and look a lot better after completing it.

I just feel that you can make an exercise routine on your own. The problem is keeping yourself motivated. With a dvd like this though, it is easy to follow and keep yourself motivated so I would recommend it in that aspect. As far as muscle development, you will get really tone, not necessarily a lot of muscular hypertrophy (growth). If you are looking to get buff, this is not the program for you because there are a lot of repetitions performed with short rest bouts.

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For an infomercial type product it actual seems like a really good way to work out. The truth is that there is nothing special about the program, it simply compiles more exercises than you could ever possibly learn on your own and cycles you through them. This is what makes it good, your body doesn’t get a chance to plateau on repetitive exercise.

So basically if you are not someone motivated to go to the gym or pay for a personal trainer, this is actually a great value.

P.S. – I think @Dr_C & @DrC were really just copying my name ;-)

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@mass_pike4 & @drClaw Thank you both for your answers. Really. I do understand the concept of muscle hypertrophy as well as the physiology of exercise. Don’t let the name fool you.. I really am an MD.

And while I agree that basic knowledge of muscular function, confusion and range of motion can help design your own work out routine, I was really only interested in the effectiveness of that specific program as well as any and all personal experiences.

As far as bulking up, that’s not my intention. I am looking for overall tone and an addition to my cycling routine (aprox. 100–130 miles a week on a road bike).

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@DrC @Dr_C Thank you both. I think maybe I enjoy buying crap at 2am on infomercials. What better source of unbiased info?

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ps….personally I hire a human trainer and have for the last 15 years. Works wonders for me.

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I couldn’t even make it through the warm-ups! :(
Haha but it works wonders for my brother and his friend; both are in great shape now.

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@Dr_C: Oops my apologies. I failed to see the “Dr.” as your name. I just explained it to you as if you were entering high school haha.

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@Dr_C, you would live my personal trainer. He’s a cyclist who has won Race Across America more than once. His website is

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@Judi will check it out. Thanks!

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Ok. I’m back. I was on call. I too am an MD. I am a psychiatrist, working at the hospital and also have a private practice in sex therapy. You can check out my blog (at my profile page). The “C” is the first letter of my last name.

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Nightline did a segment on it a short time back, and by all indications, it works. If I could afford it, I would try it.

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