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I'm running out of conversation topics, any suggestions?

Asked by 20kc09 (48points) February 16th, 2010

so, i’m texting this guy i’m starting to like and i have no idea what to talk about. i’m sooo bad at coming up with things to talk about =/
we were just talking about him joining the marines and so, i’ve ran out of stuff to say..
any ideas without me sounding dumb/weird? and i don’t wanna bug him with like a gazillion questions..

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Don’t beat around the bush, just ask him if he likes you and take it from there.. Then worry about if you’s got things in common…

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Ask him what made him decide to join the Marines?

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Ask him to talk about himself,be a good listener,then topics for dicussion will come up! Good luck1

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well, we haven’t talked much, just a few times, so i think it’s a little too early to ask him if he likes me..?
and i already asked him what made him decide..

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Stop. Drop. Roll.

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people love for someone to listen to their hopes dreams aspirations etc…..I know I do,it shows you are truly interested in him,he will remember you as someone out of the ordinary! So many want to be the topic of conversation, forgetting that it requires two! I hope this helps. Dont work to hard at it, just have fun, make him laugh, that is important!

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Ask him how big his penis is.

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Ask him if he likes to fluther.

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Just talk about whatever your doing at the moment or what you did today. Every conversation doesn’t have to be mind blowingly exciting. Asking questions is a good thing, it makes us feel important. within reason of course

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@ChazMaz ah, yes a real conversation starter.

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Works all the time. Especially when you have run out of things to talk about. ;-)

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Talk about the weather. That’s an old stand-by that never gets old.

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Ok so that fills like 30 seconds of time.

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Or you could flip @ChazMaz‘s suggestion and tell him how big your penis is.

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Or your penis size requirements.

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i’m being serious

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IT seems to have started conversation.


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Well, then I’d have to go with the idea of keep him talking about himself. Frankly, I’m horrible at small talk.

In fact, this happened the other day when I was in an elevator with a woman:
Her: How are you today?
Me: [Long pause] Fine?
Me: Although, if you had an hour and a half I could tell you the truth.
Her: That bad, huh?
Me: An hour and a half is the abridged version.
Her: Here’s my floor! Bye!

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Surprisingly, talking about poop outta nowhere can work wonders. I usually do that when asked for my breast size or if I’m wearing panties or not, but this may not fit that particular situation…well since you were talking about him joining the Marines, maybe you could explore one another’s political views. If you know this dude in real life, it won’t be all dramaz and flamey like on teh intrawebz.

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Ask him if he ever fancies hooking up for a social night out, see what music he’s into…

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