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One year I gave up Christianity for Lent, and it stuck. What are you giving up for Lent this year?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30913points) February 16th, 2010

The list is seemingly endless: chocolate, beer, red nail polish, etc. Lent asks us to discipline our earthly desires and focus instead on more heavenly matters.

Will you be practicing a Lenten discipline? If so, what? If not, why?

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Well, when I was into witchcraft, I spent Lent not practicing so as to not invite negative energy into the world (supposedly, during this time…this was all the more likely to happen). Anyway I don’t practice witchcraft anymore, no do I do anything having to do with Lent. I’ve got no consideration for heavenly matters and already live a life of focus on justice and education rather than materialistic matters. And I don’t believe in giving up things like Nutella when there are worse things out there in the world.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : By all means, indulge in buckets of Nutella! :)

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believing that random gestures over an arbitrary period of time will alter my chances of getting into a “good” afterlife that doesn’t exist. Oh, I did that already…

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I’m going vegan (from being vegetarian). I am an atheist, but if you give up stuff during Lent people tend to be a bit more tolerant of your non-consumption. If I can bear the idea of not eating cheese ever again, I might stick it at it.

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it’s not so much as the physical aspect of giving up, I would rather give up (or share) my time and talent to benefit those who may need help, to the best of my abilities.

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@seldomseenkid : Best of luck to you on giving up cheese and all.

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Attempting to go a week without at least one question being pulled on here.An excercise in futility.

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I’m giving up Lent for lent. But not Filet-O-Fish sandwiches.

Life has enough challenges.

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@seldomseenkid you can do it. join us. Vegans: we recruit! ( I usually do this for Queers: we recruit!)

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LOL…You gave up Christianity for Lent..I had to read this a few times….too funny!

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I might try giving up being so damn lazy. Maybe.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities : No one said you had to do it perfectly.

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If I observed Lent, I might consider giving up Fluther.

On second thought… NO WAY!!! :-)

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Yeah, fuck that.

But Lent is good where I’m from on account of the epic fish fries that are every friday.

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Nothing, if I want to give something up I’ll do it on my terms, I don’t need a holiday

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I’m giving up money
1) I don’t have any
2) I don’t have a job

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@shego : I’ll light a candle for you. Sorry for being flippant. Seriously, I hope things improve soon.

Perhaps you could give up unemployment for Lent? Sorry. There I go again.

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I have never been part of a religion that participates in Lent, but I have done it along with friends to be supportive and as a personal challenge. I gave up all cheese and soda one year – that was hard. My friend, who was Episcopalian, said something about Fridays being different. All I can remember is that I could have soda on Fridays for some reason. ??

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Actually, i think it can be a good thing. Similarly, Muslims, during Ramadan, give up alcohol, may be a chance to give the body a disciplined break from certain modern day excesses. Even if it is grounded in nonsense according to many people, there can be some benefits.

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