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Will there be a halo 4?

Asked by scrimpysnake (10points) February 16th, 2010

i beat all the halo’s and like them but i am wondering if there will be a halo 4. will there

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Eventually. As time tends to infinity, the number Halo games tends to infinity.

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You will probably have to wait for an official announcement in 2011–2012, but until then you’ll have to settle for Halo: Reach

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Well Halo Reach will be out sometime soon.I suppose that will do for now.Greater anticipation lies in the eventual release of Gears of War 3.Oh yeah!

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I doubt it, I think the trilogy summed up what the creators set out to do. But they have left the Halo universe open to future games like Halo ODST and the upcoming Halo Reach.

While we may see them again, I think the main storyline featuring the Master Chief and Cortana is over.

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Halo: Reach will be the last one by Bungie. It’s totally possible, but it won’t be the same.

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You must really, really enjoy halo lol.

I believe Halo Reach will be the last thing that they release. Though Halo’s spirit will always live on….in my game drawer

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Though Reach is Bungie’s last Halo title, the IP is owned by Microsoft. I’d count on a Halo 4.

Just don’t expect it to be developed by Bungie.

Who will hopefully move onto Marathon. Or even Oni. Hurr

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Halo 4 has no release date, but Microsoft is “secretly” working on it. While Bungie no longer has their hand in creating it they are overseeing the project. I wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon after 2011 though. Keep an eye out for the upcoming E3 though, when the existence of Halo 4 (Or whatever it’s gonna be called.) will be exposed and confirmed.

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I’m still pissed that they cancelled the making of the Halo movie!
And didn’t we find ODST a bit too easy to beat? And short?

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@stratman37 ODST was way too easy, and much shorter than the other Halo games. I’m glad that I gave it a play, but it doesn’t compare to any of the main trilogy IMO.

And I kept running out of ammo for the new, cool guns! Damnit!

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I DO love the setting where you can take out a grunt with a headshot and confetti flies out and kids cheer. I think it’s called Happy Birthday. I laugh my butt off everytime it happens!

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@stratman37 it’s called grunt birthday party

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