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What do I need to know to start a business involving audio equipment?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) February 16th, 2010

I am trying to start a business. I am going to provide custom audio solutions to students and fraternities at my college. What are some sites or articles I should look at / read to really feel confident that I can give my customers EXACTLY what they want / need? I welcome personal advice, but sources are really what I’m after.

I need to know anything and everything about:

what types of speakers sound the best
what qualities to look for in speakers/amps
what the true value of speakers/amps are
where to put speakers for the best effect
and anything else that you think will help!

Thank you for your help!

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If you do not know anything about the above items you wish to sell you need to rethink attempting to provide the service you say you wish to sell. You should get a job at a retailer where you can learn to sell what people want and learn about the items that people want. You are in no position to be an expert yet. Time to cut bait.

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Take a class in audio engineering and a class in electronics (analog and digital). It’s not enough to know models and subjective impressions of performance, you need to know the underlying technical theory, as well as studying the art of critical listening.

Or you can just get a job in the car audio installation section at your local Best Buy.

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You’re not ready yet. I’ve been in the theatre/performance audio field for two years, and you need experience just as much as knowledge. Sound design is not a cut-and-dry linear application; it is an art. Take some time and get some good hands-on experience in the field, whether it be taking a class, getting a job or simply setting up systems with the equipment you or your acquaintances might have.

The questions you asked above have no true answers; their answers will change within every situation you find yourself in. Things like room size/situation, preferred music, and budget are all things that will change rapidly.

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@Everyone Yes, I am well aware that I need experience as well as knowledge about the underlying technology in sound equipment. It’s not that I don’t know anything and have zero experience. I am still in the ‘preparing’ stage of this business (I decided to start it a week ago). I am not going to actually go into business without gaining that experience or learning how things work EXACTLY. I am merely asking for help in getting that far.

As we speak I have 7 different types of speakers and 2 different amps on their way to my house to experiment with.

What I really need is help with things like jargon, what technical specifications actually mean, and I was hoping for some people to be able to qualify the numbers I see thrown around (like ‘3000 Watts Peak Power’ and ‘2.5 Inch Wide Dispersion Tweeter’ and such).

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@pikipupiba Google those things easy enough to find…also contact your suppliers and chat with them or better yet go visit them and ask for training.

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Start by reading some textbooks, there are some good ones at under audio engineering.

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