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How can you tell if you're gay?

Asked by mr152 (2points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Is there an easy test? Can the Scientologists tell?

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Lol. You have to be rich to be a Scientologist.

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scientilogists can’t tell if you’re gay, otherwise Tom cruise would never have been allowed to join.

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@ issinoho. You speak more truth than you know.

I’m gay and I know because I am attracted to a man. I am not trying to be stupidly sarcastic, I am simply saying there is no definitive test and it has nothing to do with your enjoyment of Bette Midler or interior decorating.

I am very masculine. I love the lakers, smoking cigars, shooting pool, beer and whiskey with no chaser, and I love my boyfriend.

It isnt just sexual. Its emotional, psychological and mental. I can have sex with women, I have but I found it to be an empty experience and I know that I couldn’t MAKE LOVE to her. I tried and I ended up deeply hurting a girl that I cared for me very
but we learn from our mistakes and move on

I hope everything will be ok with you

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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I think Carlos Mencia said it best “If you think you might be gay then your gay.”

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Carlos Mencia doesn’t do anything well.

he probably stole that from some unknown gay comedian.

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You’re kidding, right?

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Watch gay porn. Watch straight porn. See which one turns you on.

Honestly, do you really need to ask this question?

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Hmm, i’m not gay, but i’ll try to answer.

Do you like men?

Thats all i got…....

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cwilbur, not exactly I’m gay and I Can get turned on by straight porn more than gay porn

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@ riser

Why is it that when I gay guy take about being gay they have to prove that they are not one of “those gays” that is a bit fem and may not pass as straight when in mixed company.

I mean I’m a gay man, who may not wear pink and a tutu but I’m comfortable with the feminin that is part of me and don’t feel the need to prove to straight people how not “gay” I am.

So yeah I like madonna and I don’t some cigars but I also play world of warcraft and none of my clothes have a brand name on them.

I think the best thing about being gay is being comfortable not conforming to gender stereotypes, and letting yourself be as fem and butch as you are. And that means being able to show and talk about that with the straights.

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@ noon

That was a result of another conversation where two people got in an argument about femininity playing an important role in orientation and because of this question “how can you tell if you’re gay?” I wanted it to be abundantly clear, to the readers, that masculinity or femininity is an irrelevant factor.

I have been told by my friends “you can’t be gay, you don’t have a lisp” that’s ignorance that I was trying to avoid on this site

Thank you Noon for your observations.

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I’m bi. Just look at yourself out of your body and see how you act.

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”... none of my clothes have a brand name on them”

NO! That’s it – give back the toaster! lol

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