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if I own some land, how far down into the ground do I own?

Asked by issinoho (85points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

and how far above into the sky do I own?

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I suppose technically you don’t own any of the sky above, depending on where the land is located. In cities, you must obtain permits to build structures above the ground, and adhere to local zoning laws on just how high those structures may stand. At a certain height—again, technically the earth’s surface—you are into FAA jurisdiction. Starting at the surface, you would immediately be in either class B, C, D, E, or G airspace (depending on how close you were to an airport, and what size the airport). Depending on how high you went, you might traverse through any number of these classes until you hit 18,000 feet above sea level, where you’d be in Class A airspace.

Below the surface, you still might run into problems. Public water, sewage and electrical systems may mean that your land my only extend a few inches.

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thanks for the answer , so, if I hovvered just above someones land, I wouldn’t be tresspassing?

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I’m studying real estate and I read this in my book 2day “Because the legal concept of land holds that the ownership extends to the center of the earth and the sky above the land, a landowner has the right to use air space above his land. However, air rights can be restricted by zoning ordinances.”

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does anyone really own any land or are we just renting it from the government

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How is it possible to own a piece of the earth?

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Come on guys…... If you wanna start going there then no one really owns anything. Its all pointless crap after we die anyways, but while we’re here on this earth we are able to have possessions that can be bought or traded according to agreed upon rules and regulations. Choose what you want to believe but earth is in the category of something that can be bought and sold.
As far as how far down you can go definitely depends on where your land is located. I would think more rural areas could go deeper to “live off the land”. That would be hard to do in a heavily concreted, urban area.

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Well said, Randy.

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well said, randy x2 and issinoho
how people think they can really own land and claim it as theirs really bugs me.

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