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Help with finding an oil diffuser?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23974points) February 16th, 2010

I’m looking for oil diffusers that have either a ceramic or porcelain topper. I’ve been looking all over online, but I can’t find a good website – so is anyone willing to help me? Can someone point me where to go?

Here’s an example of the kind I’m looking for (I don’t want a diffuser meant for reeds):

It doesn’t have to be identical, or even have a flower topper. I just want a glass bottle, and porcelain/ceramic topper. Thanks!

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Do you want the kind that uses a candle?

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@liminal Nope, no candle. Not electric, either.

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Hmm, the only kind of passive diffusers I am aware of are clay pots and discs like these: and

Now you have me curious to find one! You might be on to a new business idea.

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@liminal Yeah, the kind I’m looking for are really hard to find.

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Clever. I’m going to try making one. You could email me in a couple weeks and find out if it worked. Is the whole think ceramic or should there be a cork at the base? My sister gave me similar store-bought diffuser except the flower was made from some kind of leaf material, almost like cornhusk.

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@kruger_d Some of the diffusers with ceramic and porcelain toppers either have something rope-like hanging off the bottom of the topper which rests in the oil, or they just continue the ceramic and/or porcelain straight into the oil, in a tapered down tip. Ceramic and porcelain are both really porous, which is why they work so well.

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