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Does your dog sleep in your bed?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 16th, 2010

Or if you had a dog, would you allow him/her to sleep with you?

I love dogs, but I don’t see how owners of large dogs can tolerate this creature that rolls around in the dirt and its own filth to come inside and lie where they themselves sleep.

Small dogs aren’t as bad but have the same problems just to a lesser degree.

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If I had a dog, I would likely let the bro snooze on mah bed. I have cats instead and I won’t let them get an inch inside my room.

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Yes, but she sleeps on her dog bed which is on top of my bed.

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Any dog or cat is welcome to sleep in my bed.
One of our mini-horses used to sleep in the bed with me. He had steps to climb up and everything.

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I’m working on adopting a Great Dane, and there is no way that he’ll be sleeping in my bed. I’ve got to have some room for myself; this guy weighs 135 lbs.

@rangerr You cuddled with a mini horse? That is freaking awesome.

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Mini horse? How small/big is a mini horse?

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Mine is invited into the bed every night and makes a lovely bed warmer. However, even though she’s only 27 lbs, she can kick me out of a queen sized bed and it’s a tight fit when my SO spends the night as well. She plays chaperone and sleeps between us (and immediately runs under the bed ?!? when any funny business starts.)

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My dog is an inside dog so it’s not quite as bad, although sometimes I wish I’d never allowed him on the bed (he licks his paws and gets the bed all wet) YUCK! He usually jumps down to get on his own bed though after we have gone to sleep.

The next dog will not sleep on the bed.

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Yes. Dogs, cats, grandkids, they’re all welcome.

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I used to have an American Yellow Lab that weighed roughly 100 pounds most of his life. He used to sleep in the bed with me until he was too old to jump up. A few years after we adopted him, we adopted a German Shepherd/Collie mix (around 60 pounds) who slept in my bed WITH me and the Lab. One night he (the mix) took up too much space and I kicked him out. He never came back :< But he did sleep on my dads bed while he was away during the day. And stole my stuffed animals. The Lab is gone now (my poor puppy) but the mutt is still around – he has a bed in my room he sleeps on after my dad goes to work. Sometimes I sleep on the floor with him.

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I give my dogs lots of attention and affection but they do not sleep in the bed of the pack leader. Dogs need to know where they fit in the pack hierarchy. They should have an assigned bed or kennel. Its good for them and better for you.

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@Captain_Fantasy A little smaller than a full-grown German Shepherd.

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Does any dog NOT sleep on the bed. Isnt that the definition of DOG??

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I would if I had one, though it would have to fight up to four cats for space. They can be vicious.

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Both our dogs and our cat sleep with us. The Seeing Eye dog is a big German Shepherd (65 lbs) My dog is a DSGX (40 lbs) the cat probably weighs around 8 or 10 pounds. We have no trouble at all.

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I have Chihuahua/Pomeranian. He’s tends to sleep at the end of the bed, if I’m sleeping alone. If my girlfriend and I are sharing the bed, he’ll sleep in his little dog bed on the floor.

The one on the right in this picture sleeps wherever the hell he wants, including across my neck.

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Did you say “dog” as in singular, or were your referring to “dogs” as in plural? And you didn’t mention the cats.
Hm. Humph. And sneeze. And wash the sheets and bedspread aGAIN.

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It’s funny really, when the dog gets on my blanket, I lift it up, and he gives a groan as he moves over.

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@YARNLADY Saw your comment on grandkids too….yup….pile the kids on, the dogs automatically follow, and cats after that and then I gets to watch some TV!

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With the cat, he starts out in that little dog bed (that, Rudy, my dog is in in the picture above), which is at the end of the bed. But, when I wake up in the morning, he’s glued to my side (pretty well pushing me off my pillow), in between my legs, curled around my head or across my neck. Sometimes, I wake up looking like a lovely piece of Tetris.

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No, but only because my kitty gives her nasty looks if she tries :P

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@YARNLADY LOL! Just came up with a recipe. Start with….1 Oversized King Waterbed, heated on a cold, snowy winter day. Set time for nap time, 2 P.M. Add 1 feather mattress. Toss in 2 grandkids. Say “Halo”! to 2 medium-to-large size kid-loving dogs. Let rest. Introduce 2 medium small to medium-sized curious cats. Observe until “Sesame Street Live” is happening. Go watch a TV show, like “60 minutes” then check. If asleep, work is done. If not, let rest a while longer! :)

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My dog is a small breed but he doesn’t sleep with me since he has the bad habit of pushing me to edge while he spreads out diagonally across the middle of the bed. When I stay with my partner, he lets his small dog sleep under the covers with us and even though the little guy sleeps at our feet, it’s something I’d rather not have happen because of the hair all over the sheets and pillows and also because I feel awkward during nekid time. The big dog would love to sleep on the bed with us but she also sheds and both of them have a very strong odor that gets all over the fabrics so if we sweat then that smell gets on our skin and it bugs on me. My partner likes the smell of his dogs and has no problem with it. What to do, I love the man more than I dislike the smell of the dogs so I try to deal as long as possible before nagging for the bedding to be washed.

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I want my dog to be able to come up on the bed and snuggle and keep me warm, but the boy wants at least one hair-free zone in the house, so she sleeps on her bed right by the people bed.

I’d rather have the boy in the bed than the dog, I guess. :)

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IN the sheets? Oh geez, not to push my beliefs on you, but that needs to stop.

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No. She sleeps in her crate (cage) which is next to my side of the bed. The cats, however, own the bed. They do allow us to share it with them though, which is very nice of them.

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My labrador/golden retreiver mix sleeps in my bed whenever I don’t stay over at my fiancee’s. #1 he doesn’t roll around in dirt or his own filth. He is a very well behaved dog. He can’t sleep on the bed at my fiancee’s place because she doesn’t like him shedding on her comforter. Other than that no biggie.

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No not IN the sheets! Only the cats get that privilege, after much snaking and wooing.

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No. Since the largest weighs 120 pounds and snores, and because two of the five have the worst gas in existence, I insist that they sleep on their own beds or on the couch, not on my bed. Besides, the cats would freak.

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When I had my puppy I allowed her to sleep on my bed. Under the same blanket that I used. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. But since she’s gone now, no other dog has been/is allowed to sleep on my bed. They can just lay there with me but not sleep.

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My dog sleeps on the floor by my bed unless my husband is out of town. Then I let her sleep with me. (shhhhhh, don’t tell my husband. He’s strict about the “no dog in the bed” rule.”)

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@hungryhungryhortence Obviously, you just need to traumatize his dog so the dog will immediately jump off the bed and scurry under it at the mere hint of sex hormones. ;) I’m telling you: we can’t even kiss with her on the bed! She’s off like a rocket and won’t come out until we’re done.

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My pug used to sleep with me. Right at my feet. She snored almost as loudly as I did and hated waking up in the morning just as much.

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I don’t even let my cats sleep in my bed. I want my bed to myself. That’s just me.

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She has in the past, although not with my permission. I know she has snuck onto there while I’m taking a shower for an example and forget to close my bedroom door. She also sneaks onto my son’s bed and naps on there during the day while he’s at school. She knows she’s not supposed to be up there though, and if you approach his room you can hear her scramble and jump off quickly.

I’m with @Dr_Lawrence and agree that it disrupts pack hierarchy, especially for dogs who have dominant and/or fear-aggressive personalities.

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Yes I let my dogs sleep on the bed if my boyfriend isn’t staying with me. If my boyfriend’s there then there isn’t enough space and the dogs don’t even try and get on the bed because they know they will be told to get straight back down! When I am on my own I find it very comforting to have them close by. I don’t have any problem with the dogs being on the furniture providing they get off when they are told.

As far as dirt is concerned, I don’t care. If they are obviously dirty (ie: they have rolled in something that I can see and/or smell etc) then they are washed before they are allowed on the beds or the sofa but dog fur is very easy to vacuum away and all my sheets are washable.

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Oh hell no. Our dogs are both over 60lbs and it’s bad enough having to listen to them lick their balls from across the room every night. I don’t need that sound magnified by having them right next to me.

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I have a GSD, golden & mutt some nights they have all been in the bed with my wife and I. We are re-thinking the idea of letting them sleep in the bed because I am a light sleeper and they keep wakeing me up.

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I think my dog has been stalking me on fluther. This morning after my husband left for work she jumped up on my bed with me. She has never done that uninvited !

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@Judi Maybe you were talking in your sleep!

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No, I don’t let my bichon frise puppy sleep in bed with me. Although I’d really like to; she’s very cuddly. She’s not fully housebroken yet!

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She’s allowed on the bed but only when I’m not in it. She’s too big to share.

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