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What are some nice first date ideas? (No dinner/movie please)

Asked by PhillyCheese (655points) February 16th, 2010

Well, technically its a second date.
I met her at the mall the other day and went on an immediate coffee date after the pick up.
So I’m planning on meeting up with her and want to know some other ideas on where I can go or what I can do.

I live in southern Alberta, so keep in mind that it’ll still be cold.

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Museum, bowling….mini golf…dont’ know what all there is to do in Alberta…

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I was going to recommend a walk in the park, but maybe you should have a snowball fight in the park instead.

Is there something you can do together outdoors even in the cold? Can you go skating?

If it’s simply too cold for anything outside, try a local museum, no matter how small. Or go to a local tourist attraction and take funny pictures of each other just like tourists.

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what about a comedy club, a theatrical play, or a rock n roll concert?

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See a play at the theatre.

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Depending on what she’s into, here’s a list of ideas.
Indoor skydiving.
Art gallery.
Go to one of those “paint your own pottery” places.
Dancing/dance lessons.
Ice skating.
Go to a poetry reading.
Stand-up comedy.
More coffee.

Have fun on your second date.

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If it’s early enough go wine tasting.

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Take her to a library, each of you find some of the books you like, and read to each other.

Cross-country skiing.

Bowling is good. Or find an indoor golf driving range and show off a little for each other.

Square dancing?

Go to an animal rescue shelter and pick out a dog together. Oh, wait… that’s what we did when she moved in. Maybe second date is a little too soon for that.

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A comedy club is always a winner.

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Surprise her with two airplane tickets for a warm location. Audacious.

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Something you can do together.
Try something during the afternoon.

Go to an arts and wine festival.
Play some pool.
Go on a picnic.
Find a day concert.

Avoid anything passive like movies, plays, poetry slams etc.

Afternoons are good for a first date. They’re light and breezy and it’s not as big a deal if things don’t go well.

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Take her to the Calgary Zoo.

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This might be a place to start: Things to do in Southern Alberta

And if she’s not up for it, I’d love to come up for, at the very least, a guided tour of Fort Whoop-Up, whatever the hell that is. I’d be happy if I get nothing more out of it than a Fort Whoop-Up tee-shirt.

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I agree with the comedy club idea. My ex took me to one on our second or third date, and it was a blast.

Wine tasting is also a great idea.

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Wow, these are some amazing ideas. There are a few parks down town and a free outdoor skating rink.
The zoo is also a great idea

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Do they still have the dinosaur statues at the Calgary Zoo? At least I think that’s where they were. It was 1968 the last time I was in Calgary so the memory is a bit fuzzy.

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From what I’ve been told, they still do. I haven’t been there in ages either.

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