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Did Google buy Twitter?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) February 16th, 2010

Does anyone know for certain?

Why is Twitter a private company?

How does Twitter make money?

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1. I don’t
2. Because it is a startup that hasn’t gone public
3. Venture capital, it isn’t profitable

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Twitoogle Twitoogle Tweet Tweet.Twitoogle Twitoogle Tweet Tweet. I believe that’s the song of the of the Snowy Red-Bellied Twitsucker.

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1) Google just launched Buzz.

2) They are private.

3) They don’t.

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I want to add that Twitter having such a robust API probably hurt them. Look at all the iPhone apps that use it. It is free data for the apps. They(twitter) can’t put ads on private apps. Same for things like It hits their servers but they get nothing.

I don’t think that many hardcore twitter users actually use the site.

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1. Google didn’t buy Twitter they entered a partnership to use Twitter’s Real Time Search

2. They haven’t monetized their service yet, going public with no revenue is insane

3. They don’t

“One hardcore Twitter user right here!”

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I see, thanks all :)

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No, Google didn’t buy Twitter. However they launched a similar service called Buzz.

Twitter likely choose to remain a private company because they have plenty to ride on with venture capital and don’t need to sell public options. Leaving the company vulnerable to a hostile takeover wouldn’t be advantageous to them right now; if they sell, they could likely do so for well over whatever their share price would be.

Twitter (contrary to the answers in this thread) are currently receiving revenue from Google and Microsoft as part of the real-time indexing deals they have with Google Search and Bing. (Read more) They also announced paid business accounts, which are currently in a very limited testing phase. (Read more)

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