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My dog who was already potty trained is suddenly pooping and peeing in the house. How can I re-train him?

Asked by ava (977points) February 17th, 2010

My dog Pickles, who is a year old now was potty trained like a pro. I could leave him out all day and he would never go in the house. Then, I went on a two week vacation where I left him with a girlfriend and ever since he has gotten back, he no longer is potty trained. I started crating him again, but I don’t know how to get him to stop this bad behavior. Today I crated him…came home, took him for an hour walk where he pooped and peed, and then this evening he pooped and peed again on my roomates bed (yikes). Any advice?

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…What happened to him at you friends house?

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Nothing happened to him at my friends house. He just stayed their with her until I came home from my trip.

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what’s at Petsmart?

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training regression could be a sign of mistreatment by your friend, encouragement of bad behavior on your friends part, or feeling of abandon. Some animals (especially dogs) feel the need to punish their owners for leaving them for such a long time and consider the punishment a form of attention.

So either your friend was an ass to your dog

or smother your dog with attention and take the time to let him know you are home and not going to abandon him and that the bad behavior will not be tolerated.

Note: Petsmart is a pet store with animal training classes and most of them are in north west united states

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Just retrain him as before.

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My guess, the dog is mad at you! Really….had a dog named Putter, she was Dachshund, and i spent a lot of time with her until i started dating this lady. She did not like this new female in my house. “She peed in her shoes!”...loll True story…not once, but twice!

Could tell LOTS of stories about Ms Putter! She was a hoot! Putter passed away about 3 years ago.

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Probably, being that your dog is so young, she/he is confused. Different person taking care of the dog and strange environment. Probably with a refresher course, your dog with be fine.

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I think it could be trauma from being abandoned or something could have happened at your girlfriend’s house.

Try to keep him with you when you are home and crated when you are not. If he starts to go, whisk him outside.

Use an enzyme-based cleaner to get any spots that he has left.

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I had this happen with one of my dogs and it turned out to be him trying to get attention, he would pee in areas where we would easily find it (ie middle of hallway), I consulted a trainer and they had me keep him around at all times and correct him if he trys to start to pee. It took a couple of weeks but we got through it.

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I agree with the above that he could be reacting to the “abandonment” (in your dog’s eyes) or the change in routine at your girlfriend’s from when you were gone. When you left, your dog had no idea if you are coming back or not, especially being so young and was it the first time you had left him?....

I agree that you just need to retrain him, as consistently as you did before. It’s good to give him lots of love but not to the point to where you are inconsistent with discipline or “spoiling” (I know from experience- I have made that mistake when my dog was sick).

The dog whisperer says it best “It’s all about your energy” Don’t get too wrapped up in the emotions of it- just rely on the same techniques that you previously used with him. It worked before. Good Luck!

How long have you been back home?

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Its silly to debate upon the reasons for the regression. We probably won’t ever know.

You say you re-crated him. For what period of time did you crate him? It could be as long as half the time you originally crated him for training or longer. But if that’s what it takes, you’ll have to do it.

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Yup your dog is mad at you. My dog, Cody, had to be left home alone for a whole day while my family and i were at water world. we couldn’t find anyone to take care of him. He didn’t have an accident while we were gone and we took him out as soon as we got back. When we woke up the next morrning, cody had peed 6 times and pooped once all over the house. He ignored us the whole day.

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