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Hair spray/gel with long hair?

Asked by mzehnich (277points) February 17th, 2010

I have long hair that I keep in a ponytail. After a shower, it tends to be slightly frizzy for 8 hours or so and rogue strands of hair will escape the ponytail no matter how tight I make it. For professional events, should I pursue the use of a hair product to keep it in line?

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Have you ever tried an after shower spray in conditioner while you brush and blowdry?

Or you might want to try a different conditioner. Do you have hard water where you live as that can wreck havoc on your hair after a while.

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Try hair spray. It should keep your little rogue strands in check. And maybe use some mousse to keep your pony tail from getting frizzy.

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I’ve gotta agree with @Cruiser, find a decent (& that probably means salon) heat protecting mist/cream. I’d also recommend using a styling mousse after any heat treatment. Then you should just need a little styling product (perhaps a wax based one but be careful you dont use too much) to persuade it to do what you want.

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I always use Schwarzkopf products.
The mousse and gel are particularly good for keeping your hair smooth.

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You may not want to make the ponytail so tight. You could be causing breakage.

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Something light that gives control without weight. A good mousse or leave-in conditioner.

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A lot of hairdressers stock “puttys” or heavy wax hairstyling products for that.

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@marinelife – breakage at which point? My hair is really thick in any case (thus the frizz) so I don’t think it’s too much of an issue. I don’t really keep it tight as far as “hair being pulled” but I do wrap my hair ties usually 3 to 4 times in effort to not let the hair escape.

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If your hair is thin, mousse and hairspray. If your hair is thick you can try a pomade and hairspray, which will give you a wetter look.

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@mzehnich Well, that sounds like it is not the problem then.

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I have tons of baby hairs and frizz that I like to keep tamed for special occasions. I put a mixture of water, conditioner and gel into a spray bottle and mist my hair while still damp. Then I slick my hands over my hair to put them in place.

The mixture is mostly water, next conditioner and lastly a bit of gel.

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Use kerasilk mixed with water to manage your frizzy dry hairs.

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