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"Not-quite-a-recession-yet" and you

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

The media is more than reluctant to admit we are in recession. I wager they will admit it once the next president is seated, to keep “The Decider’s” historical slate free from such a mar.

The question is this:

America has long been seen as the mecca of prosperity. People have always migrated here from every nation on earth to find better opportunities. Yet the reverse never happens. With a number of other countries soaring to the top as America sinks slowly, have you ever personally considered moving to another country, or even converting all your currency?

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I did move to another country, not to make my fortune, though. I have considered moving somewhere like England where the currency is strong just to bank some coin, but I’m content in NZ for the time being.

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i have many a time considered trying to move to Iceland.

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I’ve considered it, but my own personal situation is not so bad that it would be worth the hassle. And any guest-worker paperwork I had would probably lock me down to working in the computer industry, which makes it very unattractive. If there were a European university looking for music professors, however…..

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Never! I stand by my country through thick and thin, war and prosperity. I love this place. Just go stand in her beauty. Just don’t abandon her help her.

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I have wanted to leave. If Senators Hillary or McCain are seated as president my decision will be cemented—and I will say hello to ex-pat status.

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@squirbel, Where are you thinking of going?

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DIsclaimer: I’m not disillusioned to believe the grass is greener on the other side.

Seoul or Okinawa.

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I am not one to see in the future but the way this country is being hauled over by the “Powers that Be”, I would say Keep your Guns handy cause you are going to need’um!!!

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