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Do you get jealous,when someone who ISNT better than you gets praised?

Asked by tata12 (101points) February 17th, 2010

or gets all the credit for the hardwork that you did but nobody cared a rat’s fart for what you’re worth for

Be honest and dont pay lip service

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Sometimes. I really don’t any more.

I have finally developed the skill to give credit where credit is due. In learning that I have also learned to get it when it is due too.

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No, I might be disappointed but I’m not the jealous type. Giving praise to someone else doesn’t take anything away from me.

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Nobody is “better” than me.That would leave an awful lot of people to be jealous of.An excercise in futility.

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I don’t have the time.

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All that matters is that I know I did the best I could.

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I’ve learned that 1) it’s easy to overvalue your own contribution to a project, and 2) it’s important to file a written status report on projects and activities with your manager on a weekly basis, even by sending a weekly e-mail that says “here’s what I accomplished this week.” 3) If your manager is taking credit for your work, their job is not to actually do work themselves, but to manage people to get the work done. So if you complete a project, and your manager gets credit, remember that his job is to have you do the work.

Seriously, people above you have no idea what your individual contribution is, unless you stand out on one high profile project. I’ve gotten good mileage out of a good “elevator speech” When I get on the elevator with senior management, I comment on how excited I am to be at work and the project I’m working on. They always brighten up, ask me what I’m working on, my name and my manager. After the first time, when we get on the elevator, they ask me what I’m working on now.

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I like to do really cool things just so other people get credit for it. Then I can join in on the admiration of their good work. It’s like patting yourself on the back.

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I get mad, so maybe that’s jealousy coming out in a mad form.

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No, not the jealous type….mainly because it only hurts one person! Me!

A funny about jealousy!

My wife’s jealousy is getting ridiculous. The other day she looked at my calendar and wanted to know who May was.
Author: Rodney Dangerfield

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Well I guess it depends if it is lacking any real meaning than no, but if they are getting a raise or something and I ain’t for my hard work,which got overlooked and was given credit to someone else uh yeah I’d be pissed off.

Guess, it is not jealousy…why would I be jealous of some stealing-credit not hardworking scallywag?

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No generally I don’t care, but my boss is a shameless credit-taker and it’s beginning to get a little old.

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No, most people are better than me or do things better or whatever. I don’t care. I’m me, that’s all.

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@PandoraBoxx GA! I’ll have to remember that one.

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Not jealous, but annoyed. If I did something together with someone and they get all of the credit, and they don’t straighten it out, and give me part of the credit, I remember for the future.

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I told @Cruiser to post that.

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@What ChazMaz said….

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In my police department, i have always said that 15% of the officers do 100% of the work. this phrase, to me, was true, until a new police chief arrived. he instituted a new officers work sheet for each officer. this would tell which officers were the workers and which officers were the slackers. and, did it ever stir up a hornets nest. after three months, the reports were evaluated and many officers were reassinged to different positions. some of the reassignments were not valid. good officers were transferred to lousy positions and the bad officers were given the best. this was not fair and everyone knew it. thankfully, our union stepped in and corrected the problem. that was just one of many situations that answers your question. one more and the last….promotions: new order states that the next Sgt. promotions would come straight off the eligibility list, straight down the line from 1 to 10. this was another dramatic problem and here is why: suppose the No. 1 officer on the eligibility list, had been reprimanded many times? the other officers knew this situation. what type of supervisor would this person make and would his promotion be justified? going further down the eligibility list, say No. 20. is an officer thats never been reprimanded, has a college degree and 20 years with the department. should this officer be No.1 and strongly considered for promotion? this has been an on-going problem for our department and it demostrates that you are not the only person with hurt feelings, when others are praised and promoted and you are left in the dark.

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I prefer jelly.

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If it includes work that I did and am denied recognition for though as asks the question, I know how to stand up for and defend myself. It’s often happened, but I’ve set my value hard enough in what I do in the work world not to get stomped on by others. (IE having hissy fits haha.)
It’s great what worth endless hours of overtime can get you in bars and hotels.

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Not jealous, but annoyed.

P.S. Welcome to Fluther!

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Yes, but it’s not conducive to mental health.

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We all need some praise. Don’t take it personal.

You’ll get your turn.

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