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Where can I get good "found object" materials for a sculpture project?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) February 17th, 2010

My high school art club will be making a found object sculpture.The theme is “Pop Art- Art that challenged the tradition of fine art”.
What materials come to mind for them to use? How will they attach them? There is no real size limit but they will only have 3 hours to work.
Our idea so far is to create something with framed Coke bottles or a giant pop art version of some American icon.
I need your ideas!!!

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Check out your local recycling centers, talk to businesses about what you’re doing and ask if they will give you pre-sorted coke bottles (empty) or other objects.

Failing that- scrounge around in car wash garbage bins or talk to the owner- they get a lot of bottles.

Also check out local gathering spots where people toss bottles- parks, laundromats etc.

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I could send you a Campbell’s Tomato Soup can if that would help.

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You might talk to people at billboard companies. What do
they do with the signs they take OFF the billboards when they put up new ones? Maybe
they’d give you one. But you can’t exhibit it without changing it – tell them you would be.
I once asked a Baskin & Robbins store for a poster they were done with, that had the word “Freeze!” on it, with a smiling child and an ice cream cone, for decorating a nuclear-freeze fundraiser. But I had to make sure no one thought the company was supporting nuclear freeze, ‘cause it wasn’t.

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You’ll be amazed at what you could find dumpster diving – I’ve found mannequins, frames, advertisements, bulletin boards, vases, greeting cards, etc…

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Go to thrift stores,dumpsters,junk yards,Dollar stores.Stuff you have at home.McDonald’s wrappers….

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Ask people to give you some colored glasses and ceramic plates, break them into 2” or smaller pieces, and glue them on a shape to create mosaic statues. You will want some resin or several coats of shellac on the finished product to keep the pieces from having sharp edges.

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Don’t “found” objects have to be found?

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@Jeruba I was thinking that people can ‘find’ things in their friends house just as well as anywhere else.

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