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What uniform do you wear every work day?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) February 17th, 2010

many of us are fortunate not to have to look for something to wear every night before the next work day. what uniform do you put on with pride or, well, regret? what is your “around-the-house” uniform? an old t-shirt, tattered jeans, the buff?

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Casual pants and a t-shirt (with a sweater over it in winter).

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I am back to shirt and tie at work…as little as possible at home.

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for me, black BDUs and a rig that stops the criminal in his tracks. cool get-up

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If I don’t have a paint any surfaces that day, or go to town for anything, frankly I stay in
my ancient red bathrobe with the cigarette-looking burn on the shoulder (where’d THAT
come from?). I wish you hadn’t asked this.

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I typically wear clothes that have built in UV protection, as I’m working outside a lot.

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Pendleton plaid wool shirt, jeans and moccaisins.

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The navy NWU or dress blues if I have a ceremony or something.

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Black shirt, black trousers, black apron, black socks, black shoes.

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Jeans with a button-down shirt and cardigan if I have meetings, or a teeshirt and zip-up hoodie if I have something messy to do (feed the fish, drain tanks etc). I wear boots if it’s snowy or rainy, and sneakers if it’s not. Always waterproof shoes, since I’m often in the fish room for some reason or another. If I’m feeling really dressy I’ll throw on a skirt instead of jeans. (Every time I wear a skirt I unexpectedly have to do something extremely messy though, like scrub out 50 tanks, so it’s a risk!)

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My slave tie…It is to remind me of the slave collars of yesteryear…

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I stay away from any uniform but do have a fondness for pants with a lot of pockets.

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Soon I’ll be able to wear chef pants, chef coat, t-shirt and slip-proof shoes. Until then, I’m stuck with dress pants or skirt, hosiery, dressy shoes and dressy sweater/top. Bleh.

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A white dress shirt with the company logo, and jeans.
Much nicer than the old shirts, which were brown, and had my name on the front, above the pocket. First time I wore one of those, I looked in the mirror and said “Fill’er up?”

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A clown suit with no bra :)

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A short sleeved polo shirt with black slacks.

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Usually just normal attire. I work in a bar, I could probably walk into work wearing a Victorian dress if I wanted, but for the sake of convenience I’ll just wear pants and a t-shirt or blouse. Jean skirt for extra tips, and when it’s warm enough haha.

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Jeans, a black shirt, and chuck taylors.
I sometimes go commando

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@Mike_Hunt I had to look up “chuck taylors”. You wear basketball shoes to work? Are you a coach or trainer?

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< < has two pair of Chuck’s he wears to work on occasion… and doesn’t coach, train, or even play basketball.

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Yes I am a basketball coach

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O.k., thanks, Mike Hunt, I am widening my knowledge base. I have never bothered to follow fashion and am too short and slow to be any good at basketball. I once played on an intramural team against the Marines, I think football is less painful. I thought we were having fun, the Marines thought we were fighting a battle.

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work = dark navy blue polo shirt and black trousers (yuck!)

home = sweatshirt, cotton-lined windpants, L.L. Bean wicked good slippers

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ACU’s…... I rarely have off time for a different uniform. XD

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Khakis and polo shirts year round, no matter what the weather. People think I’m silly for wearing short sleeves in winter, but it doesn’t bother me, and it makes it easier because I keep the same uniform year round.

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Dress slacks with heels, a dressy top (blouse, if you’re sassy) and a blazer or nice cardigan.

So basically, a monkey suit.

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I wear the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform) in the U.S. Air Force, each day at work, like the one seen here.

Around the house, it’s a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and it’s a real comfort too after 12 hours in a work uniform and all my duty gear on top of it.

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I wear knit slacks and a t-shirt every day. I only put on shoes when I’m going out.

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Flight suit. Except all I do is sit at a computer for 13 hours at a time. Flying satellites.

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Usually a scraggling sweater, a pair of jeans, thermals, waterproof boots, and a please-for-the-love-of-God-and-Sam-Walton-don’t-hit-me yellow vest. But really, there’s no dress code, beyond a prohibition on especially ratty clothes and sagging pants.
@StellarAirman I vant your job

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities What kinds of clothes are those?

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I have to wear a blue and yellow tracksuit to work (I work in a Sports Centre) and, although it is not the most flattering of outfits, I would rather that than have to pick out an outfit everyday.

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I don’t wear a uniform.

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