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Why is there a buzzing sound coming from my amp?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) February 17th, 2010

I just got a brand new PYLE PRO P3001AT 3000 Watt Hybrid Power Amplifier and there is a buzzing sound coming from it.

Here are the characteristics of the sound:

It is the same volume no matter what.
It stops if I hit the mute button.
It is coming from every channel.
Adjusting the treble/bass doesn’t change the buzz.
It is worrying me :(

Here is the amp:

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Did you check for loose wires? Even so, if it’s brand new you should take it back and have looked at and either replaced or fixed.

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You possibly left your vibrator in it?

btw U of I alum 1981…go Illini

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You connected it with Google Mail?

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Possible grounding issues with the elec. circuit…any florescent lights, or appliances plugged into the same circuit??

Take it to another part of your house or to a friends and try it there and see if it is any different.

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Grounding issues with the chassis, or the connection between your amp and circuit. Unplug, unscrew the wall plate, and inspect for proper ground wire connection. You can also get a ground plug tester from most any hardware store to see if the circuit/wall you’re plugging into has improper ground (sometimes wires get reversed, esp. in home applications).

Also, troubleshoot by disconnecting, then connecting through a power conditioner like a Furman or other pro-spec power conditioner (grounded of course). They have additional line filters to filter out any possible ground fault and/or EFI/RMI interference.

From what you’re describing it sounds like a ground fault or ground loop though. Google that up and you should be able to find a proper explanation and what can be done to mitigate it.

Aside from that, troubleshoot by plugging in on another circuit in the house, or even another location other than your house/studio (?)...

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Grounding for sure.

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It can’t be an external grounding issue, because I have another amp that works fine in that socket.

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The chassis ground inside the amp may be lifted…if a solid state amp may be the power supply unit

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any halogen lights on? when I had my old peavy tube amp, our halogen lights would make it buzz like mad when they were on.

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Bad grounding or cable.

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Unplug the amp and turn the plug around and re-enter into the wall outlet. i had an amp that did this and the polarity(grounding) apparently was not the same in the U.S. as the country in which the amp was made. if this does not work, your amp has an internal problem and needs professional attention or just throw it away and buy a better amp made in America.

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